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Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt is the eighth member of the Additional Creatures series. A non-canon mod, this mod stands itself out for planning the addition of many fantastical creatures: a route the series rarely takes. The mod intends to bring creatures inspired by the Monster Hunter series, creating a similar feel while keeping it it's own distinct identity. The mod also plans to, along with taming the creatures, being able to create weapons and armor from killing them. This is unique in the Additional Creatures series, and creates another parallel to Monster Hunter, although this mechanic is not yet implemented.

Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt on Steam

List of Creatures in Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt

Name Group Diet Temperament Tameable Rideable Saddle Lvl
Armaedron Fantasy Carnivore Intelligent Yes Yes 85
Diru-Ya-Ku Fantasy Carrion-Feeder Reactive Yes Yes 25
Kutsu-Ya-Ku Fantasy Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes 35
Puretotokage Fantasy Geovore Docile Yes Yes 55