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Additional Creatures: Senior Class is an ARK mod with a few intentions. First and foremost, it's to add on to the current animal number in ARK in a meaningful way, adding a wide variety of new animals. This is done by giving certain store-bought models life in ARK, at least to the best of the mod creator's ability.

Additional Creatures: Senior Class on Steam

Note that there was an original "Additional Creatures" mod, but this no longer exists, with all of its creatures either re-implemented into Additional Creatures: Senior Class or have been (or will be) given a rework/TLC in another Additional Creatures mod.

List of Creatures in Additional Creatures: Senior Class

Name Group Diet Temperament Tamable Rideable Saddle Lvl
Achillobator Dinosaur Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes N / A
Arapaima Fish Piscivore Defensive Yes Yes N / A
Cyprus Dwarf Hippo Mammal Herbivore Docile Yes Yes N / A
Dakosaurus Reptile Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes N / A
Megaraptor Dinosaur Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes N / A