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Akhluts are cryptid fantasy creatures in Additional Creatures.

Akhlut Model prior to TLC


Ahklut are giant wolf-orca hybrids in Inuit mythology, powerful native spirit-beasts. While in the ark network it could be easy to assume the culprit of sightings to be an enlarged Ambulocetus or Pakicetus, those who live near the tundra's shorelines report something vastly different. A massive, four-legged shape hauling itself onto the ice, climbing out of the sea to stalk the land. If such a creature did exist, it would easily be an extremely powerful and versatile mount, able to provide ample protection and travel in both the sea and land.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Underside


Color Region 1 - Outer Eye


Color Region 2 - Dorsal


Color Region 3 - Iris


Color Region 5 - Main Body


Sacred Variant -

Color Region 0 - Underside, Mouth, Head and Tail Patch


Color Region 1 - Iris


Color Region 2 - Main Pattern


Color Region 3 - Other Patterns


Color Region 4 - Outer Eye


Color Region 5 - Main Body


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat (Regular) Base Stat (Sacred)
Health 800 920
Stamina 400 400
Food 4400 4400
Weight 430 430
Melee Damage 175% 175%
Movement Speed 100% 100%
Torpidity 1800 1800

Left Click - Bite

45 Base Damage

Right Click (Land) - Lunge

45 Base Damage on Impact, and will grab smaller creatures. Once grabbed, the Akhlut will inflict 60 base damage up to 5 times before throwing the creature.

Right Click (Water), C - Claw Attack

53 Base Damage - High Knockback on Land

X (Land) - Roar

Shift +X, Left Control (Water) - Tail Attack

Inflicts 40 Base Damage before darting backwards from where the Akhlut was facing.

X, Shift + Left Control (Water) - Dart

Spacebar - Jump

Akhlut is capable of jumping out of the water.

Sacred Akhlut -

Ahklut Render S T.png

Sacred Akhluts are a rare variant of Akhlut. While functionally identical and found in the same areas as standard Akhlut, they have a unique pattern, having 6% more damage, and 4% less health.


  • While dubbed a cryptid, the Akhlut is the only creature in the Additional Creatures: Paranoia that are mythological creatures rather than proper cryptids. It was implemented to further pay homage to Zoo Tycoon: Paranoia.
  • The Akhlut is a shape-shifting spirit in Inuit mythology, an evil entity that switches between the form of a wolf and an orca. It is not a hybrid in the legends. However, the Inuit commonly like to depict the Akhlut midway through transformation, which is what sparked its perception in pop culture.
  • Stories of the Akhlut stem from wolf tracks that would seemingly end at the ocean.
  • Since its inclusion, the Akhlut has recieved a TLC where it received a new model and animations, along with the addition of many new attacks. This TLC also introduced the Sacred Akhlut.
  • The Sacred Akhlut's patterns are based on Akhlut totems.
  • In the lore of Additional Creatures, Akhlut is a pinniped.
  • An alpha aklhut are planned and currently in the testing phase.