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Alamodactylus is a reptile in Additional Creatures.


Alamodactylus is a large pterosaur seen soaring through the expansive sands of the desert. Despite its large size, it is not aggressive to players unless provoked. They soar high in the sands, using their sharp eyes and to spot prey in the glare of the sun and use their strong beaks to break the armored hide of their insect prey. A bane against most insects in the desert, they can quickly rile themselves into a frenzy, becoming stronger and seemingly becoming able to soar for infinite amounts of time. Tamed, they make great desert companions-with strength against insects and a useful ability to create clay. The Pterosaur makes nests out of clay similar to a mud-dauber wasp, using a mixture of cactus sap and sand to form its nests. This side ability can be useful to survivors who need large amounts of clay fast...

Color Regions

Male -

Color Region 0 - Inner Mouth, Throat, Crest Spots

346110 screenshots 20191010222227 1.jpg

Color Region 1 - Outer Pattern

346110 screenshots 20191010222241 1.jpg

Color Region 2 - Wing Stripes

346110 screenshots 20191010222250 1.jpg

Color Region 3 - Inner/Head Pattern

346110 screenshots 20191010222257 1.jpg

Color Region 4 - Throat, Crest Spots

346110 screenshots 20191010222307 1.jpg

Female -

Color Region 0 - Outer Body, Lateral Neck, Inner Wing Pattern

346110 screenshots 20191010223504 1.jpg

Color Region 1 - Head, Throat, Mid Wing Pattern

346110 screenshots 20191010223639 1.jpg

Color Region 2 - Main Body

346110 screenshots 20191010223842 1.jpg

Color Region 3 - Head Undertones

346110 screenshots 20191010224031 1.jpg

Color Region 4 - Body Pattern, Wing Pattern

346110 screenshots 20191010224228 1.jpg

Color Region 5 - Head Undertones

346110 screenshots 20191010224246 1.jpg

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 365
Stamina 400
Oxygen 150
Food 1380
Weight 450
Melee Damage 185%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 2000

Left Click - Bite

20 Base Damage

Right Click - Peck

22 Base Damage - Gathers Stone, Sand, and Berries

C (Ground) - Wing Flap

10 Base Damage - Hits Twice - Gathers Berries

C (Air) - Roar

X - Predator Vision On

Infrared Vision

Left Control - Predator Vision Off

Spacebar - Flight

Alamodactylus, once they have killed a bug, end up "going berserk", where it gets a 1.6x damage buff and will rapidly regenerate stamina. Be warned that the normally docile wild individuals that enter this state will begin to attack literally anything they come across.

Given that there is sand and cactus sap in the Alamodactylus's inventory, it will automatically craft clay from it.

Clay, cactus sap, and sand weigh 30% they normally would in an Alamodactylus's inventory, and they will also last 40x as long.

Stone, metal, obsidian, and crystal are 3x heavier in the inventory of Alamodactylus.

Alamodactylus are immune to venom and sandstorms.


  • Alamodactylus means "Alamo Finger" after Texas where it was found.
  • Alamodactylus is a nyctosaur: a family of pterosaurs closesly related to Pteranodonts like Pteranodon and Geosternbergia that are distinct for lacking claws on their wings like most pterosaurs. This has led people to believe that Nyctosaurs like Alamodactylus may have been on the wing for a majority of their lives, akin to Albatrosses. Alamodactylus was an early nyctosaur, so it still had its hands, although by this point they were already reduced.
  • Alamodactylus in the mod are sexually dimorphic. Both sexes have different elaborate patterns, especially on the wings, with the males being most distinguished by having a pattern on their head crest. The current textures are a WIP and are intended to be improved in the future.