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Alpha Predators are creatures in Additional Creatures which have an alpha variant akin to those in the main game. These alphas are bigger and stronger than the regular variant and they are not tameable.


Alpha Predators are stronger variants of regular animals in Additional Creatures. They are usually easy to spot, being much larger than their regular counterparts, sporting sharp red/white/black coloration, and having an orange cinder-like glow around them. They also have the distinct ability to damage stone structures. They've been added to the mod for a few reasons. First is that it adds to the mod's authenticity, having the same upfront purpose of the regular ARK alphas: a "miniboss" of sorts to increase difficulty. However, there is also another reason. Alpha Predators, when killed, drop Alpha Blood, which is used in the crafting of Prime Darts, as well as giving the engrams to various tek saddles for creatures in the mod, Chibi-Pets, and chests of Additional Creatures saddles and gear. Killing an Alpha Predator for the first time also unlocks the Prime Dart engram for the player. If you encounter an alpha as a new player, or as a low-level character, it is strongly suggested that you evade the Alpha.

List of Alpha Predators





Temperament Chest Drops
Carcharodontosaurus AC2 Dinosaur Carnivore Aggressive 1-4
Concavenator AC2 Dinosaur Carnivore Reactive 1
Deinocheirus AC2 Dinosaur Omnivore Aggressive 1-4
Fasolasuchus AC2 Reptile Carnivore Aggressive 1-4
Goliath Tigerfish ACA Fish Carnivore Territorial N/A
Herrerasaurus AC2 Dinosaur Carnivore Aggressive 1
Kryptops ACK Dinosaur Carnivore Aggressive 1-4
Shantungosaurus AC2 Dinosaur Herbivore Aggressive 1-2
Smok saurovindico AC2 Reptile Carnivore Angry N/A
Torvosaurus AC2 Dinosaur Carnivore Aggressive 1-2