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Amphicyon Reconstruction

Amphicyon Dossier with outdated design

Amphicyon in original Additional Creatures mod

Amphicyon in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK

Amphicyon are mammals confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Amphicyon, meaning “Ambiguous Dog”, is a large carnivorous mammal that lived across North America, Eurasia, and Africa during the Miocene Epoch, 15 million years ago. Amphicyon are the poster-child of its group, being the latest and largest of the amphicyonids, also called “Bear-Dogs”, due to apparent similarities to both bears and dogs. However, they are neither bears or dogs, instead being one of the most primitive groups of carnivorans, which includes most modern mammalian carnivores.

Amphicyon have a long history in Additional Creatures. While originally only a dream idea, Shadlos, the mod creator, included it frequently in his written stories, being depicted as extremely wild, unpredictable, and tough, with the characters managing to befriend an orphaned cub. This fascination with the species eventually led it to achieve its signature status in the mod, where it retained these same characteristics. Amphicyon indominus, with indominus meaning “untamable”, was added to the original Additional Creatures mod as a powerful top-order carnivore that lived in jungles (and snow habitats in AC2) and hunted in large packs. They were highly resistant to various elemental damage, could not be grabbed, while also having a grab attack themselves. They could be regarded as almost a mammalian counterpart to the giganotosaurus, albeit in a different and much more balanced way. They also could not be tamed normally, and instead the babies in these packs needed to be passively fed by stealth, otherwise the frightened babies would alert the parents. This trend continued in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK, where it received a TLC that kept it largely the same with some slight differences. Most of the defensive nuances it had disappeared, along with the ability to grab enemies, but it gained a claw attack that would dismount riders. Amphicyon was removed from Additional Creatures due to lack of quality, but is expected to return with another TLC in the future.