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Anteosaurus are synapsids in Additional Creatures.


Anteosaurus is a species of mammal-like reptile from a time before the dinosaurs, and it was the largest predator of its time. On the ARKs, it has made a drastic environment change from humid swamps to frigid tundra, being one of the tundra's apex predators. Anteosaurus is not much of a pursuit hunter but a predator adapted at hunting prey that fights back. Its large body makes it immune to being pushed back when it has firm footing, and the creature excels at fighting stationary as opposed to chasing moving targets. However, Anteosaurus has a strange adaptation- it is very warm blooded, moreso than traditional warm-blooded mammals. A strange chemical seems to be the source of this body temperature, granting the creature a strong metabolism and a strange defense. Not also is the creature warm to the touch,'s also extremely volatile to physical contact as well! Wounds by foes cause this blood to spill out, and that strange chemical quickly reacts to being exposed to air- rapidly bursting into flame! Yet, this doesn't seem to phase Anteosaurus at all as its hide is extremely fire-resistant in the first place. This chemical acts in two ways- first, the sudden wound bursting into flame lights the attacker on fire, causing damage and dealing damage over time due to the flames burning the victim. Secondly, the flame also helps to rapidly cauterize and heal the wound, allowing Anteosaurus to completely heal from even the most grave of wounds. The only downside is that this gives the creature a vast metabolism, constantly consuming food in order to fuel this incredible defensive mechanism. Survivors, despite Anteosaurus's slow speed, find it a must-have for exploring harsh environments and surviving the cold- as Anteosaurus's warmth can mean the difference between life for freezing solid! With its heat properties, it also makes an excellent middle-sized tanky brawler of a mount.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Skin


Color Region 2 - Fur Hue

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Color Region 4 - Cranial Crests


Color Region 5 - Fur

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 800
Stamina 400
Oxygen 150
Food 4000
Weight 430
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100
Torpidity 2800

Left Click - Bite

45 Base Damage

Right Click - Double Bite

45 Base Damage - Hits Twice - Inflicts Bleed - Slight Cooldown - Cannot Be Used While Moving

C - Roar

Cannot Be Used While Moving

X - Slobber

When used, any other tames/players nearby receive the "Anteosaurus Coating" buff, which insulates them while also making them immune to being frozen.

Anteosaurus set anything that physically attacks them on fire.

Anteosaurus is immune to the "Anteosaurus Coating" buff.

Anteosaurus is 70% resistant to fire damage, while also being immune to being set on fire and being frozen.

Anteosaurus rapidly regenerate health, but rapidly drain food while doing so.


  • Anteosaurus means "Anteus Lizard" after Anteus: the half-titan of Greek myth.
  • It is unknown whether or not stem-mammals like Anteosaurus actually had fur.
  • Anteosaurus is a dinocephalian: a group of stem-mammals, one of the most basal ones in fact, that are noted for their robust skulls. Moschops, who lived alongside Anteosaurus, and Estemmenosuchus are also members of this group.
  • The "flammable blood" of Anteosaurus is inspired from the Vironica Virus of the Resident Evil series.