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Anthracosaurus is an amphibian in Additional Creatures.


Anthracosaurus is a large, elongated species of Amphibian found in several of the ark’s bodies of freshwater. A fish-eating predator, Anthracosaurus spends its time patrolling its murky home for food to eat-whether it be fish, small animals, or survivors. What’s noted for Anthracosaurus is however its long shape. This shape is very similar to an electric eel, and Anthracosaurus also has powerful electrical organs. It can use this passively in two ways. In one way, it can use its electrical properties to detect ElectroMagnetic Fields, allowing it to make sense of its murky environment. Second, it can also use its electricity to jolt any attacker that comes into physical contact with it! It has a third, much more active use as well: able to emit a powerful electric shock along its body’s length in order to deter attackers and electrocute them in place, so it can either fight easier or retreat. These electrical properties make Anthracosaurus a valued creature in any survivor’s arsenal.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Body

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Color Region 1 - Fin

346110 screenshots 20190124185529 1.jpg

Color Region 4 - Fin Lining

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Color Region 5 - Underside

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 335
Stamina 600
Food 1500
Weight 300
Melee Damage 210%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 700

Left Click - Bite

22 Base Damage - Inflicts Low-Tier Venom - Instantly Kills Small Fish - Gathers Organic Polymer

Right Click - Electric Shock

35 Base Damage - Hits 3 Times - Causes Electrocution - Cannot Be Used While Moving on Land

C - Roar

X - EMF Detection On

Infrared Vision

Left Control - EMF Detection Off

Anthracosaurus inflicts 60% of the damage it receives back to its attacker whenever physically hit.

The Anthracosaurus is immune to Electrocution and Venom.


  • Anthracosaurus means "Coal Lizard".
  • Anthracosaurus is only one of two amphibians in Additional Creatures, the other being Eryops.
  • Anthracosaurus is an emolomere, a group of amphibians that are very closely related to reptiles and seem to share many characteristics with them, so much so that they are often disputed to being reptiles rather than amphibians.
  • The electric abilities of the Anthracosaurus is inspired by that of the Electric Eel.