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The Arica Monster is a cryptid dinosaur in Additional Creatures.

Arica Monster prior to TLC


The only known raptorian cryptid, the Arica Monster is a dinosaur from the Atacama Desert in Chile. First sighted running alongside a car on a desert road, the creature is known for its speed, which likely helped in traversing its vast environment. A similar, large raptor is sighted on scorched arks, running at high speed through the desert for incredible amounts of time, even under harsh conditions. If found and tamed, the Arica Monster could prove a viable companion: being an excellent way to travel the desert without fear of sandstorms in record time, while also being a powerful pack animal.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body 1


Color Region 1 - Pattern


Color Region 2 - Eyes, Ears


Color Region 3 - Eyeshadow


Color Region 4 - Main Body 2


Color Region 5 - Head, Dorsal Pattern, Hands, Legs, Underside, End of Tail


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilties

Attribute Base Stat
Health 350
Stamina 555
Oxygen 150
Food 1380
Weight 300
Melee Damage 210%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 600

Left Click - Slash Attack

35 Base Damage - Ignores and Shreds Armor

Right Click - Pounce

32 Base Damage - Dismounts Riders

C - Roar

Spacebar - Jump

Arica Monsters are immune to sandstorms and bleed.

Aricas Monsters have the ability to warn of sandstorms.

Arica Monsters gain a buff called "Sandveil Hunter" in sandstorms. This buff increases damage by 50% and speed by 35%, while also gaining 50 stamina/s and -100 torpor/sec.

Arica Monsters have a pack bonus, with the highest level individual becoming the leader. This pack bonus maxes out at 9 individuals.


  • While typically depicted as a raptor, the Arica Monster has also been depicted as a kangaroo-like animal.
  • The Arica Monster's original design is somewhat inspired by the Achillobator.
  • The Arica Monster was originally planned to pin down creatures, but this hasn't transitioned into the final animal.
  • The Arica Monster, after its original debut, received a TLC which gave it a new design, model, and animations. Its abilities have mostly stayed the same, but has been given the ability to warn of sandstorms.