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Armaedron are fantasy creatures in Additional Creatures.


Blazing Red Dragons, the Flame Kaisers are among the strongest of the Monarch Dragons, comparable to their Elder kin. While naturally docile, Armaedron do not think ambivalent of humans and hunters. Distrustful of them, any who approach Armaedron are threatened with outstretched wings and a demanding presence to leave. Those who do not heed this warning are then purged by the Kaiser's flame and fury. However, here on the ARKs, there is tell of those who have befriended these flaming Kaisers, by offering them the treasures they find interest in. Armaedron are dragons who naturally collect and store precious metals and minerals: by offering them to an Armaedron, but respecting its intelligence and its distrust of humans. Eventually, after a time of bonding, the Armaedron will trust the survivor as a friend and ally. Armaedron are told to be excellent combatants, fighting alongside humans as incredible terrestrial fighters. Survivors continue to trade with their Armaedron long after working with each other, swapping precious materials with each other. To the fool who insults the Armaedron's intelligence by offering it slabs of meat like an animal: there is only scorn, fury and a lost opportunity for you!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 1 - Crown, Claws


Color Region 2 - Eyes


Color Region 3 - Pattern


Color Region 4 - Underside, Pattern Lining


Color Region 5 - Wings, Fur


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 3165
Stamina 430
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 560
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 6902

Left Click - Bite

85 Base Damage

Right Click - Flamethrower

35 Base Damage - Hits Around 35 Times - Inflicts Targets on Fire - Is togglable when unmounted

C - Claw Slash

58 Base Damage - Gathers Metal

Shift + C (Ground) - Claw Slam

78 Base Damage - High Knockback - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Alt + C (Ground) - Fire Dunk

185 Base Damage - Inflicts Targets on Fire - Leaves flames on the ground which constantly inflict 2 damage and inflict fire on anything that stands in it Is togglable when unmounted - Cannot Be Used While Moving

X (Ground) - Tail Swipe

65 Base Damage - Slight Cooldown - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Shift + X (Ground) - Tail Spin

65 Base Damage

Alt + X (Ground) - Defensive Attack

65 Base Damage - Attack pivots in direction of camera

Left Control - Kaiser's Flame

85 Base Damage - 60 Splash Damage - Hits 53 Times on Ground, 15 Times in Air - Inflicts Targets on Fire - Extremely Long Cooldown

O - Roar

Spacebar - Flight

The Armaedron has a unique and complex taming method, which takes the following steps.

  • Player must be level 85 or higher.
  • Player must be away from other players and tamed creatures (multiple people and ESPECIALLY tamed creatures will disturb and agitate it).
  • As the player approaches the Armaedron, it will face the player and expand its wings as a warning. Be careful to not get too close, as it can trigger an attack. When within this range, one of these items need to be dropped in front of the Armaedron (listed from most effective to least effective). It is also important to note that dropping only one at a time is recommended, as stacks do not increase the taming rate.
    • Element Ore
    • Black Pearls
    • Red Gems / Silicate
    • Green Gems / Blue Gems
    • Crystal / Obsidian
    • Metal
  • The armaedron will show interest towards the item and pick it up. Repeat the process of dropping items for it to take, but be sure to keep distance. It is recommended to mostly stay out of its threatening range so long as it's threatening from this point forward.
  • When the Armaedron is past 30% in taming, the armaedron will no longer show hostility towards and will tolerate the player, which is indicate by an aura of hearts around the one taming it.
  • Keep dropping items for the Armaedron to take until it is tamed.

The Armaedron will become defensive if attacked by anything within the area, so keep distance for a time after it's attacked. Being attacked by something that isn't the player taming it will not effect it's taming.

It is important to note that the "Gift Method" for taming Armaedron is distinct from passive taming, as it is completely unaffected by taming rates and is not hunger-based.

When under the influence of the friendly aura with the hearts, players within the same tribe as the one taming it will be tolerated to an extent by the Armaedron. However, be warned that it will still attack them if they get too close.

Armaedron, despite having the ability to fly, normally don't in the wild.

Most mineral resources only have 70% weight when in the inventory of an Armaedron, with minerals used to tame Armaedrons having 40% weight.

The armaedron is immune to any burn-based attacks and status effects.

Tamed armaedron are capable of being traded with for various resources.

  • Metal -> 2x Flint/Stone
  • Crystal -> 3x Flint/Stone or 1x Metal/Sulfur/Sparkpowder
  • Obsidian -> 3x Flint/Stone or 1x Metal/Sulfur/Sparkpowder
  • Green Gems -> 2x Crystal/Obsidian or 1x Congealed Gas Ball / Metal Ingots
  • Blue Gems -> 2x Crystal/Obsidian or 1x Congealed Gas Ball / Metal Ingots
  • Red Gems -> 0.5x Element Dust / Element Shards or 2x Blue Gems / Green Gems / Silica Pearls / Metal Ingots
  • Silicate -> 0.5x Element Dust / Element Shards or 2x Blue Gems / Green Gems / Silica Pearls / Metal Ingots
  • Black Pearls -> Element Dust/Shards or 2x Silicate/Red Gems
  • Element Ore -> Element Dust/Shards or 2x Silicate/Red Gems


  • Armaedron is the mascot of Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt.
  • Armaedron was part of the Monarch Dragon class, which is unique to Additional Creatures. However, this classification has since been discontinued and it's now classified as an elder dragon.
  • Armaedron's design is inspired by a mix of Western and Eastern Dragons. It was originally planned to be primarily quadrupedal, but this was changed so it would be reminiscent of ARK's Dragon, before taking on its current and final design.
  • Armaedron was implemented to display intelligence and have it's own unique personality, with animations being different depending on the situation. When past 80% taming, the wild Armaedron will be visibly more pleased with what the player offers. During trading, the Armaedron will show great pleasure with more valuable items being given to it.
  • Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt is confirmed in the future to be receiving an Armaedron armor set.