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Atmospheric Jellyfish are cryptid invertebrates in Additional Creatures.

Atmospheric Jellyfish before model change.


Atmospheric Jellyfish are absolutely massive Jellyish sighted on extremely rare occasion back on the planet of our time. Little known and little understood, most people found their existence hard to believe in. Yet here on the stations it appears people are seeing something similar in the skies of the arks. Large, luminous jellyfish which float carefree throughout the sky, collecting whatever particulate they can. A bizzare sort of filter-feeder, it has no need to hunt and seems to simply avoid contact when struck. However, the chemicals and compounds that make up its body grant it strange physical defenses. It is next to impervious to all types of physical damage, with bullets basically going straight through it and not phasing it. It is presumed that if one were to kill an Atmospheric Jellyfish, it might be better to take on a form of chemical approach..

Color Regions


Atmospheric Jellyfish have various color regions. The pattern can be seen up above.

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 1300
Stamina 120
Food 1380
Weight 2000
Melee Damage 210%
Movement Speed 128%
Torpidity 250

Atmospheric Jellyfish have no attacks and do not react to threats. They simply wander around in the air. They electrecute whatever physically hits them.

Atmospheric Jellyfish are practically immune to all forms of damage, with the only exceptions being wyvern breath attacks and explosives.

Drops Atmospheric Jellyfish Toxin, Congealed Gas Balls, and Element.


  • The Atmospheric Jellyfish is a cryptid that is classed as a UFO.
  • The Jellyfish is the only creature in Additional Creatures so far to be untamable.
  • Sightings of this cryptid are incredibly rare. It was first spotted in the Netherlands in 1974 and has been spotted a handful of times since around the world.
  • The Atmospheric Jellyfish originally shared the same model as standard jellyfish, however, it was changed to the same model as the Jellyfish from Atlas.