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Becklespinax is a fictional species of dinosaur in Additional Creatures.


Becklespinax is a strange theropod dinosaur found in the ruined city of Extinction. While seeming to be related to the proper Altispinax, Becklespinax has evolved due to the influence of element so much it has become its own distinct species- and as such, has been given its current name. Beckles is a fairly laid-back predator that actually tolerates most creatures invading its personal space. Bizarrely enough...Becklespinax seems to rarely hunt at all. It is most commonly, however, seen attacking drones and enforcers of the city, and tearing down such things as lamp-posts or benches. This is because Becklespinax has actually adapted to metabolize element, and prefers it over meat to sustain itself. As such, the element has changed and enhanced this creature with very valuable properties. Not also is it extremely adept at carrying and harvesting element, but the creature's jaws are also highly effective at dispatching corrupted creatures- making this rare animal a must-have for any extinction survivor!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body

346110 screenshots 20190205211628 1.jpg

Color Region 2 - Dorsal Striping

346110 screenshots 20190205211725 1.jpg

Color Region 4- Dorsal Stripe Lining and Arm Underside

346110 screenshots 20190205211744 1.jpg

Color Region 5 - Underside and Hump

346110 screenshots 20190205211756 1.jpg

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 500
Stamina 800
Oxygen 150
Food 3220
Weight 400
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1800

Left Click - Bite

35 Base Damage - Has a Cooldown

Right Click - Claw Swipe

20 Base Damage - Gathers Element

C - Roar

Drains 200 Torpor (w/ 1 Minute Cooldown)

Becklespinax deals 1.5x damage to any robotic or corrupted entities.

Becklespinax has a special insulation buff, which, while only about half as effective as a standard insulation buff, makes the rider immune to the wasteland debuff.

Becklespinax gather 6x the normal rate of element dust, 6.5x the normal rate of element shards, and 7.5x the normal rate for element.

Becklespinax only tame on the following items:

  • Element (Best)
  • Element Shards
  • Element Dust (Worst)


  • Becklespinax used to be a proper genus, meaning "Beckle's Spine" after its discoverer. However, it was since merged with Altispinax in 2016, making it an invalid genus. The mod developer used this as a way to extend on his own type of animal.
  • Becklespinax's design is inspired by the design of the now-removed Acrocanthosaurus from the original Additional Creatures mod.
  • Becklespinax glows in the dark.