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Bull Shark

Bull Shark Models (both forms)

Shark Size Comparison (from left to right - Megalodon, Great White Shark, Tiger Shark, Great Hammerhead Shark, the 2 bull shark forms, Broadtooth Mako Shark)

The Bull Shark is a fish confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Aquaria.

The Bull Shark is a well-known shark species that can be found throughout the world's oceans. Bull Sharks are known for their bulky bodies despite the unremarkable size, along with including other large sharks in its diet. Its also known as "the most aggressive shark", due to their bold nature, and likely being the largest threat to humans of any shark species. Also, while not the only shark capable of doing so, it is the most prevelant shark in freshwater environments, and the only shark known to travel between both fresh and salt water. They've been recorded hundreds of miles upstream around the world.

The Bull Shark in Additional Creatures is planned to have two forms: slender and chunky. Along with physically looking different, they will have different attributes. Slender Bull Sharks have a bonus 25% speed and 75% stramina, while chunky bull sharks have a bonus 75% health and 75% weight. The Bull Shark also has a mechanic called "Furor", which causes the bull shark to become more powerful the more injured it becomes. Chunky bull sharks gain more defense and attack when injured, while slender bull sharks gain more speed along with even more attack than chunky bull sharks when injured. The bull shark in Additional Creatures was also described in its reveal to be aggressive, which will be a first for sharks in Additional Creatures if it will be taken literally.