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Carnaphobia Concept Art

Carnaphobia is a boss creature confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Carnaphobia, meaning "Meat-Eating Fear", with its species name, magnaprima, meaning "great primal", is considered one of the mod's ultimate predators. Outside of Carnaphobia itself, it is known to contain the DNA of the following: Nigerien Firespitter, Crichtonsaurus, Orca, False Killer Whale, Giant Mantis, Chimpanzee, Pentaceratops, Becklespinax, and Managarmr.

It is unknown how Carnaphobia itself will be in Additional Creatures, but it is possible to make a few assumptions. Given it is the biggest and baddest hybrid, the ultimate weapon, it is likely akin to Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus, only on a more extreme scale. It is also stated to be stronger than the giganotosaurus and have an "element fire" attack.