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Carnaphobia Concept Art

Carnaphobia is a boss creature confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Carnaphobia, meaning "Meat-Eating Fear", with its species name, magnaprima, meaning "great primal", is considered one of the mod's ultimate predators. The origin of this beast is that it is actually a fictional species of rauisuchian discovered in 2025 by Jason Antony. It lived in the Eastern North America (specifically discovered in North Carolina) during the Late Cretaceous. It is believed that it was the top predator of what was then Appalachia, with the tyrannosaurs of the continent staying relatively small and swift to avoid competition with the apex predator, in contrast to their ruling cousins on Laramidia. It is the largest terrestrial predator known, being an astonishing 20 meters long, as is also distinct for its forelimb physiology, which was surprisingly developed for a rauisuchian with adaptations for bipedal and quadropedal locomation as well as very flexible hand movement. S. P. E. K. T. O. R. created a hybridized species of Carnaphobia, with The Hybrid Projects being a process to get to this final creature. Dubbed Project Epsilon: Neo-Genesis, it is S. P. E. K. T. O. R.'s ultimate weapon. Outside of Carnaphobia itself, it is known to contain the DNA of the following, at least after its first battle with Keter: Nigerien Firespitter, Crichtonsaurus, Orca, False Killer Whale, Giant Mantis, Chimpanzee, Pentaceratops, Becklespinax, and Managarmr.

It is unknown how Carnaphobia itself will be in Additional Creatures, but it is possible to make a few assumptions. Given it is the biggest and baddest hybrid, the ultimate weapon, it is likely akin to Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus, only on a more extreme scale. It is also stated to be stronger than the giganotosaurus and have an "element fire" attack.