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Coloborhynchus is a reptile in Additional Creatures.


Coloborhynchus is a large predatory pterosaur found soaring over various locales. An active predator, Coloborhynchus's keen eye and high intelligence help it survive in the ARK's hostile environments. With how much creatures need to fight to survive, Coloborhynchus has adapted many abilities to make sure it can survive. As a pterosaur adapted to flight, Coloborhynchus never has to land. Simply by hovering on air currents it can keep itself aloft and rested. Its beak is hard and heavy for a pterosaur: lined with sharp teeth that help pack a surprising bit of power in its attacks. An opportunistic predator, Coloborhynchus is ok scavenging or hunting, and has adapted a strange weapon of survival- when eating fresh kills, its body seems to go into a heightened state of regeneration. While it regenerates health like Argentavis, it becomes extremely resistant to toxins and gaping wounds for a time in this heightened state. This helps Coloborhynchus throughout the island as it fights against various creatures for survival. Tamed, Coloborhynchus is a solid flier. It is fairly fast and strong for its size, with abilities that can help it and its owner stand a better chance in the ecosystem: if one doesn't mind being unable to grab targets that is...

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Pattern


Color Region 1 - Little Patterns


Color Region 3 - Scutes


Color Region 4 - Lining of Mouth, Crest, Wings


Coloration 5 - Main Body


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 529
Stamina 780
Oxygen 150
Food 1380
Weight 420
Melee Damage 162%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 920

Left Click - Bite

35 Base Damage

Right Click - Roar

Spacebar - Flight

Coloborhynchus do not consume stamina when not sprinting midair.

Despite being a flyer, the movement speed of Coloborhynchus can be leveled up.

After consuming a corpse, the Coloborhynchus gains a "Survivalist" buff for 20 seconds. This survivalist buff causes an 8% increase in damage, health regeneration, and immunity to bleed and venom.


  • Coloborhynchus means "Maimed Beak".
  • Coloborhynchus is an ornithocheirid, a group of pterosaurs known for their crested beaks and toothed jaws.
  • Coloborhynchus is known to be a wastebasket taxon, with several unrelated taxon being lumped into the name. The main species is known from England during the Early Cretaceous, 140 million years ago.
  • Coloborhynchus in life was known to be sexually dimorphic, with females having wider hips than males.
  • Coloborhynchus was originally called Tropeognathus, but was renamed due to Tropeognathus's addition to the base game.