Additional Creatures Wiki

Consumables are food-type items in Additional Creatures.

Fiddler Crab Claw

Fiddler Crab Claws are passively produced in the inventories of Fiddler Crabs, albeit a Fiddler Crab can only hold one claw at a time. They function identically to lamb chops.


Strawberries are a type of berry that cannot be found in the wild, instead only being grown from strawberry seeds. Out of all the berry types, it is the most effective in taming herbivores.

Carnal Blood Pack

A blood pack further saturated with more blood from pieces of raw meat-removing its medical properties.

These can be used to feed and tame Cuero Chupacabra and Puerto Rican Chupacabra.

Pet Food Kibble

A simple, preserved type of kibble. Not an effective taming food, but an excellent, easy-to-make pet food to fill your troughs. Almost anything will eat it. It can be crafted in the Sciences Table.

Unfiltered Beer Jar

Unfiltered Beer is Beer that has become a more raw liquid because of the addition of sap. This has made it inedible to humans, but it is the only true taming food for Snallygaster. Anything else proves ineffective.

Honey-Glazed Strawberry

This is a strawberry coated in honey. This is the only food that can tame Archaeoindris, and is one of the important taming foods for the Gargoyleosaurus.

Crop Blend

Crop blend is a craftable type of food that herbivores can consume. While providing little food, it is the equivalent of mutton for herbivorous species.

Swamp Boss Kibble

Swamp Boss Kibble, made through a variation of fish, kibble, and crops, acts as the sole taming food for Deinocheirus.

Apex Egg Kibble

A blended kibble made using various apex creatures eggs and kibbles, three are produced per craft. Various apex creatures will ONLY eat this when taming. They will also eat it when tamed but it offers very little food. The following creatures will ONLY eat apex egg kibble when taming....

Microbial Slurry Wood

Microbial Slurry Wood is a pulpous material that is a combination of wood and slathered rotten flesh. This material is a food source for Lucanidae, albeit a poor one that is only large capable of taming low level individuals reliably.

Microbial Wood / Microbial Fungal Wood / Microbial Redwood / Microbial Mangrove Wood

Microbial Wood and its counterparts are all softwood that is passively produced in the inventory of Lucanidae from their standard wood counterparts. They are no longer usable in crafting in this form, and will spoil back to stand wood when outside of a Lucanidae's inventory, but they are the only reliable food source for Lucanidae as well as the most reliable food to tame Lucanidae with.

Blood Pulp

The only food item a Ya-Te-Veo will consume. Once the engram is learned, it is automatically created whenever raw meat is placed in the inventory of a Ya-Te-Veo.