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Deltadromeus are dinosaurs in Additional Creatures.


Deltadromeus is an exceedingly large, strange dinosaur with a bizarre appearance that one might even call "Cursed", with odd proportions that include a long neck, small semibeaked head, large eyes, two-fingered arms, and more. Yet despite being potentially the first megatheropod new survivors find on beaches, they are actually in no threat from this docile omnivore unless provoked or attacked. Other smaller carnivores think quite the opposite of Deltadromeus, and steer clear of it whenever they can. This is because of Deltadromeus's nocturnal tendencies. At night, Deltadromeus' eyes glow, but far different compared to the glow of most creatures! While Megalosaurus or Troodon's eyes simply glow, Deltadromeus's eyes actually shine... with such intensity, they create a spotlight-like effect, lighting up an area in front of it. This sight can be quite disturbing for some- especially smaller creatures. Wild tamed creatures will run in fear at the mere sight of Deltadromeus, while tamed creatures still begin to become exceedingly distressed...meanwhile if they actually find themselves under the "spotlight" of a deltadromeus at night, they break into a full-blown panic! As such, these gentle giants make wonderful tames for survivors who can tame then, offering great traversal and protection against small creatures, but struggling against longer ones. however, these creatures do not respond to tranq taming and don't notice survivors trying to passive tame them...during the day. It appears that Deltadromeus at night seem to actually take notice of smaller creatures walking up to them in the night- probably curious why said creature isn't afraid of them and isn't being hostile. This is the prime opportunity for taming these creatures!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Side Pattern


Color Region 2 - Beak, Stripes


Color Region 3 - Eyes


Color Region 5 - Main Body


X Variant -

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 2 - Stripes


Color Region 3 - Eyes


Color Region 5 - Torso, Limb Pattern, Neck Pattern


R Variant -

Color Region 0 - Pattern


Color Region 2 - Main Body


Color Region 3 - Eyes


Color Region 5 - Underside, Undertones


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 465
Stamina 300
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 400
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1650

Left Click - Bite

25 Base Damage - Gathers Berries, Meat, and Fiber

Right Click - Roar

C - Kick

35 Base Damage - 2.25x Damage to Creatures Under 150 Drag Weight - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Right Control - Sit

The Deltadromeus can also generally be told to sit. This slightly increases healing rate.

Spacebar - Jump

Deltadromeus is nocturnal. Deltadromeus comes into its own at night, indicated by the spotlight-like glow of its eyes. During this phase, the Deltadromeus induces a fear effect to creatures under 150 drag weight, where their attack and defense is lowered by 10%, along with wild creatures of this size fleeing. Deltadromeus can also only be tamed at night.


  • Deltadromeus means "Delta Runner".
  • What type of dinosaur Deltadromeus is has been a matter of debate since it's discovery. For most of its existance, it has been considered a large macropredator, either a late-surviving ceratosaur or carcharodontosaur. However, it is current accepted to be a Noasaur, which are a group of little-known, lightly built dinosaurs that are closely related to abelisaurs. At 12 meters long, deltadromeus is the largest of this group, with another notable noasaur being Masiakosaurus. Due to the mysterious nature of noasaurs, Deltadromeus's diet is a mystery, since diet seemed to vary wildly among noasaur species.
  • The model of Deltadromeus comes from Jagged Fang Designs.
  • In the future, it is planned for Deltadromeus to induce an amplified debuff to creatures caught under it's "spotlights". This was planned to be added in initial development but there have been difficulties in creating it.