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Diabloceratops Reconstruction

Diabloceratops Concept Art

Diabloceratops are dinosaurs confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures.

Diabloceratops, meaning "Devil Horned Face", is a ceratopsid that lived in what is now the region of Utah during the Late Cretaceous, 80 million years ago. Diabloceratops's signature feature is its four most prominent horns: two above the eyes and two on the top of its frill. At 4 meters long, Diabloceratops is smaller than the average ceratopsid, but it represents an important part of ceratopsid evolution. Living 80 million years ago, Diabloceratops was part of the first wave of ceratopsids to evolve and diversify in North America. Diabloceratops in particular is a very early centrosaurine, which can be figured by its more typical horn arrangement, compared to the typically one signature horn that later centrosaurines possessed.

Diabloceratops's design has been revealed, but it's unknown how it will be in Additional Creatures outside of its appearance.