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Diru-Ya-Ku are fantasy creatures in Additional Creatures.


Raptorial bird wyverns that live in desert environments. Diru-Ya-Ku is medium-sized bird wyvern which fulfills the role of opportunistic predator. Incapable of producing actual or proper vocalizations, Diru-Ya-Ku vocalize in the form of clapping their large beaks rapidly; or by forcibly exhaling air through their windpipe. While comfortable hunting smaller creatures (including humans!), it is also very satisfied with scavenging from corpses: detecting them a far distance away before rushing in to feed for themselves. While temperamental, Diru-Ya-Ku does actually display a bit of intelligence, becoming less aggressive for a time after eating. Perhaps this is due to adapting to the harshness of the arks, but this aggressive bird wyvern picks its fights relatively well. Towards smaller creatures- such as Raptors or insects which could steal its kill- Diru-Ya-Ku punishes them by stomping them into oblivion in the same manner as secretary birds. Tamed, Diru-Ya-Ku provide ample starting mounts to those in desert environments. Proving their worth early on and far after partnering, Diru-Ya-Ku prove flexible and adaptable mounts: and can be stronger than they seem!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Feathers

Diru Color 0.png

Color Region 1 - Head, Neck, Arms

Diru Color 1.png

Color Region 2 - Spot Rings

Diru Color 2.png

Color Region 3 - Spots

Diru Color 3.png

Color Region 4 - Feathered Collar

Diru Color 4.png

Color Region 5 - Torso, Legs, Tail

Diru Color 5.png

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 365
Stamina 500
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 320
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 600

Left Click - Beak Attack

30 Base Damage - Eating corpses with this attack gives a buff that regenerates health and boosts damage by 5% for 60 seconds

Right Click - Claw Slash

25 Base Damage - Hits Twice - Gathers Berries, Fiber, and Thatch

C - Pounce

40 base Damage - Deals 3x Damage and Inflicts Cripple to Anything Smaller or Equal to Utahraptor in size class - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Shift + C - Shoulder Bash

45 Base Damage - High Knockback

X - Clatter

Left Control + X - Roar

Spacebar - Jump

Diru-Ya-Ku are scavengers, and are attracted by corpses from long distances.

Diru-Ya-Ku has a unique hunger mechanic. Normally, Diru-Ya-Ku are fairly aggressive. However, upon consumption of a corpse (indicative of the buff they gain upon doing so), they become much less aggressive, although will still attack when approached.

Diru-Ya-Ku can only be passive-tamed through carefully approaching them from behind with a ghille suit when they are passified. This is more challenging than taming through knockout, and knockout can be done earlier in the game, but passive taming uses less resources and gives better taming affinity.

Diru-Ya-Ku is immune to sandstorms and poisons.

Diru-Ya-Ku has the following elemental weaknesses:

  • Fire (2x)
  • Ice (1.5x)


  • Diru-Ya-Ku is a part of the bird wyvern class.
  • Diru-Ya-Ku is part of a trio of Grand Hunt's raptorial bird wyverns, alongside Kutsu-Ya-Ku and Shiro-Ya-Ku.
  • Diru-Ya-Ku was originally planned to have a mechanic after taming it where it'd aid in hatching creatures, but this was scrapped.