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The Dromaeosaurus is a dinosaur confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Dromaeosaurus, meaning "Running Lizard", is a small raptor species that lived across Laramidia during the Late Cretaceous: 75 million years ago. It was incredibly widespread, being known from the American Midwest to Alaska.

The intent of Dromaeosaurus in Additional Creatures is to be the spiritual rendition of Deinonychus: a removed creature from the original mod, which was essentially a giant overaggressive raptor that was really viable in PvP. It is shown that Dromaeosaurus will have a different role to this, but it will still make it destructive upon its foes. It will be fairly small, with the Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus Dossier referencing it to being the size of a Stenonychosaurus (Troodon), rendering it unrideable. However, similar to Stenonychosaurus, they will be very destructive in swarms. The full species name of the Dromaeosaurus has also been revealed: "Dromaeosaurus barbarus", with "barbarus" meaning "barbaric".