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Edestus Reconstruction

Edestus (left) and X Edestus (Center) next to Helicoprion (right)

Edestus is a species of fish confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Aquaria.

Edestus, meaning "To devour" is a species of cartilaginous fish that lived in the waters of what was now North America from the Late Devonian to Late Carboniferous. Edestus is a eugeneodont, which are a family of cartilaginous that, while related to sharks, are closest related to modern rabbitfish. The most well-known member of this group is Helicoprion. They are most known for their bizarre jaws, with edestus having jaws that were scissor-like. Another odd characteristic with edestus is that, unlike most of its relatives, it did not replace its teeth. It's diet and use of these jaws is unknown.

It is unknown how Edestus will be in Additional Creatures. It is known, however, that it will have an X Variant on Genesis.