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Epanterias in the JPE Rebalance Expansion

Epanterias Render

Epanterias is a fictional species of dinosaur confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Epanterias, meaning "Buttressed" after the state of the remains, was a late jurassic theropod taxa that has largely been confirmed as just a large allosaurus. In ARK, however, it was its own dinosaur that initially appeared in the JPE Rebalance Expansion of Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK. It acted as a solo counterpart to the Allosaurus, being larger with a bleeding bite and the ability to buff itself by being near its bleeding targets. Although removed from Additional Creatures for now, it is planned to receive a TLC, using the allosaurus model from Jagged Fang Designs. While the base concept will stay the same, it's planned to have its bleed slow targets while inflicting high amounts of damage if the target moves. When vulnerable, the Epanterias will also have the ability to injure itself for an adrenaline rush. This will spike its damage output for a short period of time and, given it survives the rush, will recover quickly afterwards.