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Epanterias in the JPE Rebalance Expansion prior to TLC

Epanterias is a fictional species of dinosaur in Additional Creatures.


Epanterias perfidus is a large relative of Allosaurus, slightly larger than it. Aside from its sleeker build, Epanterias is also a solo hunter, unlike its pack-hunting relative. Rather, Epanterias is one of the most clever, bloodthirsty, and frenzied predators seen on the ARK network. Using its impressive speed, it runs down prey and uses its powerful jaws to inflict severe bleeding, similar to other large predators like Fasolasuchus, but not to the degree one expects. This bleeding and gouging method ruptures the tendons of targets, slowing them down but not fully inhibiting movement. While this doesn't seem like much danger, Epanterias will then often try to chase down prey if it flees, or back off- despite its size, the large predator is fairly fragile for its size class. In the latter, it may attempt to get the prey to chase it. However, this is exactly what Epanterias wants. If the target performs any extensive physical activity- mostly running or flying- the wounds left by its jaws suddenly tear open, dealing massive amounts of damage so long as the target moves, on top of usual blood loss. While the standardized bleed damage can be mitigated through armor or resistance, this tearing and rupturing of musculature is internal, and as such cannot be reduced via armor or most other means!This makes Epanterias excellent at controlling the movement and positioning of targets. Conversely, it also makes Epanterias pair very well with either creatures that do knockback, or creatures like Yutyrannus, which can induce severe fear into the enemy. Yet if solo and its back is up against the wall, Epanterias has one last trick up it's sleeve I didn't expect itself capable of. If it needs a phenomenal boost of power to survive, Epanterias are capable of riling themselves up into an incredible furor, gouging themselves and ripping out massive amounts of flesh to cause a huge adrenaline spike. No other creature truly "Sacrifices" anything like this in nature, so it makes me wonder if the intelligence of Epanterias is on par with other creatures like the ARK's Troodon or Mantis species. Regardless, this sudden source of severe, inflicted trauma causes a massive spike in both damage output as well as movement speed for Epanterias, with them receiving a boost in both that is equivalent to the amount of self-harm they inflict upon themselves. After this adrenaline rush, their bodies begin to rush to recover from damage. That movement speed and strength bonus falls off immediately, and their hide weakens up immensely, causing them to take drastically increased damage for a short time, again, equal to the amount of harm they inflicted on themselves. However, during this weakened time, their body does seem to start rapidly healing somewhat comparatively to the amount of self-inflicted damage the Epanterias has done to itself. To anybody crazy enough to train Epanterias to push this "Flesh Sacrifice" ability to its limits, and live a fast-paced, tactical life on the edge of battle, Epanterias will not disappoint. It's definitely not an ideal mount for the most casual survivor.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Underside, Tail Stripes


Color Region 1 - Eyes


Color Region 2 - Flaky Pattern


Color Region 3 - Crests


Color Region 5 - Main Body


R Variant -

Color Region 0 - Underside


Color Region 1 - Eyes


Color Region 2 - Dorsal


Color Region 3 - Crests


Color Region 5 - Pattern


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stats
Health 650
Stamina 300
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 450
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Fortitude 0
Torpidity 1000

Left Click - Bite

48 Base Damage - Inflicts Bleed

Right Click - Roar

C - Flesh Sacrifice

The Epanterias deals 60 Base Damage to itself (Scaling with melee damage and not being affected by armor), inducing an Adrenaline Buff that gives it 60% more attack and speed for 35 seconds. After the Adrenaline Buff ends, it receives a cooldown effect, which prevents Adrenaline from being activated again and causes a 60% decrease in defense for 35 seconds.

R - Sit

Automatically dismounts. The Epanterias can also generally be told to sit. This slightly increases healing rate.

Spacebar - Jump

Epanterias is immune to bleed.

Epanterias cannot be leveled up in movement speed.

Epanterias has a fortitude stat. This fortitude stat increases by 1 per level, and this adds +1% to the attack and speed buffs and defense debuff to the Flesh Sacrifice Ability. (For example, an Epanterias with 10 Fortitude, when using the Flesh Sacrifice Ability, would gain a 70% increase in attack and speed during the adrenaline buff, and a 70% decrease in defense during the cooldown.)


  • Epanterias means "buttressed" after the state of its remains, with perfidus meaning "faithless".
  • While initially believed to be a larger relative of Allosaurus, akin to Saurophagonax, it is now generally agreed to be a really large allosaurus individual.
  • The model of Epanterias is the allosaurus model created by Jagged Fang Designs.
  • Epanterias was originally added to Additional Creatures in the JPE Rebalance Expansion, using the Jurassic World Allosaurus model from Jurassic Park Expansion. While still being a solo counterpart to Allosaurus, it was more basic, with its utility being in its higher stats and having the ability to buff its strength by inflicting bleed on enemies.