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Eryops Reconstruction

Eryops Concept Art

Eryops in prototype release

Eryops are amphibians confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Eryops, meaning "Drawn-Out Face", is a large species of amphibian that lived throughout North America during the Early Permian, 285 million years ago. Eryops is one of the most distinct early permian amphibians, known for it's drawn-out face and large size. It lived in swamp environments, where it was one of the top predators. It has been debated whether or not eryops was an aquatic or terrestrial predator, with different studies giving different results. However, most modern studies suggest it was the top aquatic predator of its environment.

Eryops has been added to Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK in an early prototype stage, yet to be officially released.