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False Killer Whale

False Killer Whale Concept Art

False Killer Whales are mammals confirmed to eventually be added to Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

False Killers are a large dolphin species found in the modern open ocean. The name of the creature comes from similarities to the Orca. It is a very large dolphin, getting up to 6 meters long. It also bears a similar color pallet without the white spots, and occasionally is seen having a similar nature in hunting smaller dolphins. It is, however, much more known for the opposite. False Killer Whales are commonly seen interacting with other dolphin species, mostly in the friendly sense. Mixed pods, while uncommon, are not rare, and they interact in this fashion with numourous dolphin species, not just a few.

The False Killer Whale is planned in Additional Creatures to focus more on speed and agility rather than power like the Orca or utility like the Narwhal. It will be larger than its real world derivative, and will also have a supporting ability that can boost other cetaceans. This is inspired from the fact False Killer Whales are so friendly with other dolphin species in real life.