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Gargoyleosaurus are dinosaurs in Additional Creatures.


For an Ankylosaurian, Gargoyleosaurus is surprisingly quick and aggressive when provoked. This may be due to how this species's armor is distributed and how much lighter it is, but it plays into the creature's fighting style. Rather than bulky armor and a vicious clubbed tail, Gargoyleosaurus has lighter armor and a long tail with blade-like bone protrusions. This causes its tail to act in a similar manner as a chain whip, causing death by many cuts to its enemy. However, what makes Gargoyleosaurus terrifying is the fact that it is far more deadly to smaller targets. The blades of Gargoyleosaurus tear open a target deeper on each hit...until finally they cause massive blood loss in a surge of expelled blood. What's worse, is that the amount of hits needed to cause such damage varies drastically based on the size of the creature Goyle swings its tail against, as even a single strike from Gargoyleosaurus's tail is more than enough to easily kill a survivor in the most defensive flak, riot, or tek armors! When tamed, this ability to eviscerate a target and be rewarded with burst damage makes Gargoyleosaurus a unique tame that is powerful in the right situations, and easily overpowered in others.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Accents


Color Region 2 - Main Body


Color Region 5 - Undertones


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 425
Stamina 300
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 600
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100
Torpidity 900

Left Click - Tail Swing

15 Base Damage - Hits 4 Times - Inflicts Blood Loss - Gathers Wood, Hide, Polymer, etc.

Right Click - Bite

17 Base Damage - Gathers Thatch and Berries

C - Roar

Cannot Be Used While Moving

X (Standing) - Tail Spin

15 Base Damage - Hits 6 Times - Inflicts Blood Loss - Gathers Wood, Hide, Polymer, etc.

X (Running) - Spinning Death Wheel

15 Base Damage - Hits 10 Times - Inflicts Blood Loss - Pierces Armor - Gathers Wood, Hide, Polymer, etc.

The Gargoyleosaurussaurus be told to sit. This slightly increases healing rate.

Only two types of food are acceptable for taming Gargoyleosaurus, with these being from most to least effective:


  • Gargoyleosaurus means "Gargoyle Lizard".
  • Gargoyleosaurus is one of the first known true ankylosaurians, and first nodosaur, known in the fossil record, living in the Late Jurassic, 155 million years ago. At 3 meters long, it stands out from typical Morrison giants like the sauropods and large theropod dinosaurs like Allosaurus.
  • Gargoyleosaurus is the signature creature for the status effect: Blood Loss. Early in development this was called "Eviscerate". The idea was for this to be an "armor-breaking" creature.
  • The Gargoyleosaurus model was created by Jagged Fang Designs.