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Geosternbergia are a fictional species of pterosaur reptile in Additional Creatures.


Pteranodon's close relative, Geosternbergia boasts a much more “traditional” pterosaur design that many are familiar with, having large wings and an elongated beak. They usually prefer to live around coasts, diving into the water to catch prey and soaring on updrafts. Timid, they flee at the first sign of danger. While at the same durability and strength as Pteranodon, Geosternbergia offers its own advantages. While capable of biting, it is also known for being able to use its beak like a spike, stabbing into an aggressor at a rapid speed with incredible precision- which can mean a lethal blow if it hits the right spot. Tamed, they are an improvement over Pteranodon, focusing on slightly better combat and traversal, with a bit of utility.

Color Regions

Male -

Color Region 0 - Head


Color Region 1 - Eyespot, Stripe Lining


Color Region 3 - Shading, Stripes


Color Region 4 - Wings


Color Region 5 - Main Body


Female -

Color Region 0 - Inner Membranes, Beak Spots


Color Region 3 - Head Shading


Color Region 4 - Underside, Crest, End of Beak


Color Region 5 - Main Body


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 180
Stamina 370
Oxygen 150
Food 1380
Weight 200
Melee Damage 185%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 400

Left Click - Bite

18 Base Damage

Right Click - Peck

20 Base Damage - Damage multiplier changes depending on the body part hit

C - Taunt

Cannot Be Used While Moving on Land

X (Land) - Preen

Heals 25 HP - Removes Leeches and Lamprey - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Left Control (Air) - Roar

Spacebar: Flight

Geosternbergia is capable of diving at great speeds with no additional cost to stamina.

Geosternbergia can regenerate stamina while hovering in the air.


  • Geosternbergia is named after its original discoverer when the genus was created: George Sternberg.
  • While thought to be distinct when added to the mod, Geosternbergia in life is was a species of Pteranodon, and not a distinct genus.
  • Geosternbergia in the mod are sexually dimorphic. The males are striped while the females are more plain.