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Giant Octopus are a species of invertebrate in Additional Creatures.


A species from our modern seas, it appears this cephalopod has changed little. An intelligent species, it will not harm survivors unless attacked. Tamed, however, it might make an interesting pet with some use.

Color Regions

346110 screenshots 20190312224740 1.jpg

Giant Octopuses have no color regions, so they all look like the individual above.

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 560
Stamina 400
Food 1150
Weight 500
Melee Damage 210%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 700

Left Click - Attack

30 Base Damage - Increased Gather Rate on Trilobites

The hitbox of the Giant Octopus is much smaller than what it seems, allowing it to fit into tight spaces.

The Giant Octopus, when tamed, passively produces oil in its inventory.

The Giant Octopus can be tamed and carried by fish baskets.


  • Living in the twilight zone of the Northern Pacific Ocean, the Giant Octopus is the largest known cephalopod behind the Giant and Colossal Squids, being around 4 meters long.
  • The tiny hitbox of the Giant Octopus in the mod is to elude to actual octopi being able to fit into extremely tight spaces, thanks to lacking any skeleton.
  • The Giant Octopus in Additional Creatures has a bug where the attack and hitbox are too far behind the model on multiplayer servers. There seems to not be a fix for it at this time.
  • The Giant Octopus is confirmed to be getting a TLC in the future, where it will be a benthic creature, akin to Tylosaurus.