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Giant Vampire Squids are a species of invertebrate in Additional Creatures.


Tusoteuthis's smaller modern cousin, this strange, alien creature is a passive creature. When attacked, it simply flees. Passive tamed, they are a rare, alien-looking pet for one's ponds. Furthermore, its strange, alien light causes a soothing, inspiring glow. 

Color Regions

346110 screenshots 20190312231048 1.jpg

Giant Vampire Squids have no color regions, so they all look like the individual above.

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 450
Stamina 240
Food 1725
Weight 350
Melee Damage 210%
Movement Speed 100
Torpidity 900

Giant Vampire Squids cannot attack.

Giant Vampire Squids give an XP boost to anything near them.

Giant Vampire Squids can be tamed and carried by fish baskets.


  • Vampire Squids are not squids or octopuses, and rather are their own group of cephalopods called vampyromorphs. They are their own entity alongside squids and octopuses, although they are closer related to octopuses than to squids. Another example of a vampyromorph is Tusoteuthis.
  • The tip of the Giant Vampire Squid's tentacles glow in the dark.