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Gigantophis is a reptile in Additional Creatures.

Gigantophis Model prior to TLC


One of the largest snakes of our time and on the arks. Although a massive constrictor in life, Gigantophis has evolved into something far more terrifying on the arks. It is essentially, a gigantic Sea Krait. With Kraits back home boasting incredibly deadly venom, Gigantophis is the same, on a much more deadly scale. Gigantophis's potent venom and amphibious abilities make it a desired combat mount, with affinity for the ocean over land, and an extremely deadly venom which can prove deadly in the long run.

Color Regions

Color Region 2 - Inner Eye Spot, Patterns


Color Region 3 - Outer Eye Spot, Underside


Color Region 4 - Spikes


Color Region 5 - Dorsal


X Variant -

Color Region 2 - Underside


Color Region 3 - Pattern


Color Region 4 - Dorsal


Color Region 5 - Stripes


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 750
Stamina 654
Food 1380
Water 100
Weight 520
Melee Damage 162%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1800

Left Click - Bite

30 Base Damage - Has increased gather rate on fish meat - Inflicts Deadly Venom

Right Click - Hiss

C (Land) - Tail Swipe

50 Base Damage - Cannot Be Used While Moving

Out of water, Gigantophis's damage is reduced by 10%, speed is reduced by 50%, and its water stat begins to drain. When the water stat is under 100, the following effects occur:

  • Health and Stamina Drain Rapidly
  • Defense is decreased by 50%
  • Damage is reduced, again, by 75%


  • Gigantophis means "Giant Snake".
  • Gigantophis lived in North Africa during the Eocene, 36 million years ago. It coexisted alongside other notable species such as Moerotherium, Phiomia, and Arsinoitherium.
  • Although initially claimed to be one of the largest snakes to ever live, only being surpassed by Titanoboa, it was actually more akin to a Burmese Python in size.
  • Gigantophis in life was a constrictor, and not venomous.
  • Gigantophis was originally planned to be able to produce biotoxin, but this was scrapped after being considered too powerful.
  • Gigantophis, since its original addition, has recieved a TLC. This TLC was purely cosmetic, giving it a unique model and animations.