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Gigatitan are invertebrates in Additional Creatures.


A massive mantis-like creature, Gigatitan is one of the network's largest arthropods. A creature both beautiful and terrifying; Gigatitan takes the intelligence of the standardized ark Mantis on another level. it is an aggressive, intelligent, and patient ambush predator of dense, forested environments. Calmly, it waits in an ambush posture before violently ambushing its target with intelligent, cruel strikes. When attacked by a Gigatitan, one faces a severe adversary. Its armored elytra gives it increased resistance, and it can scatter the hair on its thorax like a tarantula. These hook-like hairs dig into attackers and cause severe irritation, and leave the target open to another one of gigatitan's cunning tactics. If a target is covered in these hook-like hairs, the Gigatitan can use the small claws on the undersides of its arms to violently rip out these hook-like hairs and cause profuse bleeding. Intelligent, this creature can also use its cunning eyesight to snatch both creature and rider alike, punishing the target both differently. If grabbing a survivor, however, gigatitan does not play. It knows the faster the survivor ordering the creature is dead, the better...if grabbed by Gigatitan, expect nothing more than a quick and violent death in manner of a brutal throat slit! Tamed, Gigatitan is a surprising mount. It is surprisingly agile, and its various athletic abilities make it great for a tactical fighter, able to adapt to situations freely on the fly. That, and its intelligence makes it quite the comical character to its newfound family!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Body Pattern 1


Color Region 1 - Hairs, Legs, Wing Casing Pattern


Color Region 2 - Joints, Wing Casing Stripes


Color Region 3 - Body Pattern 2


Color Region 4 - Undertone


Color Region 5 - Pattern


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 400
Stamina 400
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 400
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1150

Left Click - Claw Attack

40 Base Damage - Shreds Armor

Right Click (Land) - Spores

Inflicts Spore - Cannot Be Used While Moving

C (Land) - Back up & Spore Cloud

Inflicts Spore

Shift + X (Land) - "No" Emote

Alt + X (Land) - "Yes" Emote

Left Control (Land) - "Plotting" Emote

Shift + Left Control (Land) - "Innocent" Emote

Alt + Left Control (Land) - "I don't know" Emote

Right Control (Land) - "Play Dead" Emote

Shift + Right Control (Land) - "Deny" Emote

Alt + Right Control (Land) - "Angry" Emote

O (Land) - Roar

Cannot Be Used While Moving

Spacebar - Flight

X (Land) - Combat Stance

Puts the Gigatitan into a stance where it cannot move, but has new actions available to it that can only be done within this stance. They are as follows:

Shift + X: Lunge Attack

55 Base Damage - Shreds Armor - Inflicts Bleed if the Target is inflicted by its Spores

Alt + X: Heavy Slash

65 Base Damage - Hits Twice - Inflicts Bleed if the Target is inflicted by its Spores

Left Control: Pin

35 Base Damage - Pins Smaller Creatures - Deals 53 Base Damage to Pinned Creatures Three Times Before Release - Inflicts Bleed

Shift + Left Control: Execution

35 Base Damage - Will Grab and Instantly Kill Players

Various attacks can be enabled or disabled on unmounted tamed individuals.

Gigatitan are heavily armored, and only take 75% of incoming damage. However, when flying, this damage resistance is negated.

Despite being able to fly, Gigatitan normally won't fly in the wild.

Gigatitan cut themselves out of net projectiles.


  • Gigatitan means "Giant Titans".
  • Gigatitan is a titanopteron, which are a group of extinct insects which, while resembling mantids, are closest related to the grasshopper and stickbug families.
  • Gigatitan lived in Kyrgyzstan, Asia, 240 million years ago, and coexisted with other notable oddities like Longisquama and Sharovipteryx.
  • Titanopterons, like Gigatitan, were among one of the last of the exceptionally large groups of terrestrial insects to exist, with Gigatitan itself being over a foot in length.
  • Gigatitan is unique for being a flyer that is not affected by Genesis's "no flight" clause.
  • Gigatitan was originally planned to be added in an Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK expansion that put emphasis on smaller and more ambient creatures. The existence of plans for such an expansion are now obscure, it seems to have been promoted to its own large inclusion.