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Goonch Catfish are fish in Additional Creatures.


An absolutely massive catfish from modern times. On the ARK network, however, the Goonch Catfish has evolved into a true river monster. A large, lethargic predator; the Goonch prefers colder freshwater regions. Known as a gluttonous scavenger, the Goonch keeps its reputation while also taking a hint from its smaller relatives. This species is adorned with countless venomous thorns. these thorns and spurs riddle the entire catfish- predominantly on the fins- and offer protection from other predators. The Goonch will often wield these in self-defense, or towards predators whose kill it is trying to steal. This venom stacks the more the target is invenomated, dealing more damage. Goonch make for tanky defensive mounts: bringing them to the attention of several survivors who value defense over offense. They are fairly laid back as well and safe to approach, meaning they can be long as they dont smell a corpse, which further incites their gluttonous hunger!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 1 - Mouth, Underside, Fins


Color Region 4 - Pattern


X Variant -

Color Region 0 - Top of Body


Color Region 1 - Cheeks, End of Whiskers, Barbs


Color Region 2 - Underside


Color Region 3 - Whisker Pattern


Color Region 4 - Whiskers, Fins


Color Region 5 - Pattern


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 850
Stamina 300
Food 1150
Weight 700
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Fortitude 1
Torpidity 1200

Left Click - Bite

40 Base Damage - Instantly Kills Small Fish - Gathers Organic Polymer

Right Click - Grab

40 Base Damage - Picks Up Smaller Creatures

C - Tail Spin

32 Base Damage - Inflicts Catfish Venom - Small Cooldown

X - Roar

Goonch Catfish are attracted to corpses from far away, and will become aggressive to nearby entities when attracted to a body.

Goonch Catfish gain a health regeneration buff from eating corpses.

Goonch Catfish deal 30% of physical damage to their attackers, while also inflicting Catfish Venom.

Goonch Catfish are immune to venom and being frozen.

Goonch Catfish can only be tamed effectively with their kibble.

Goonch Catfish has a fortitude stat. This fortitude stat increases the damage of its venom on a 0.5x multiplier. For example, a Goonch Catfish with a fortitude of 15 deals 7.5x damage per tick of venom.


  • Goonch Catfish are native to India, where they are one of the largest catfish species.
  • Goonch Catfish have a reputation of being maneaters, although it is mostly stories.