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Green Humphead Parrotfish

Green Humphead Parrotfish Concept Art

Green Humphead Parrotfish are fish planned to appear in Additional Creatures: Aquaria.

Green Humphead Parrotfish are a species of parrotfish that inhabit the coastal waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Weighing up to 75 kg, they are the largest species of parrotfish, and usually act as the megafaunal herbivore of their ecosystem. They will feed on sea grasses and algae, as well as coral like other parrotfish. This species is distinct for both its large size and its massive headram. This is seen in both sexes, although they get larger in males. This massive head is used in both territorial disputes and to break up coral to eat.

The Green Humphead Parrotfish in Additional Creatures is planned to be much larger than the modern counterpart, around double the size of the Giant Anglerfish. It is planned to be a good generalist creature to tame, being ideal at both combat and gathering.