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Hadal Dragonfish are a fictional species of fish in Additional Creatures.


Within the darkness of the abyss, hiding in shadows, is a creature that has become master of shadows itself. Whereas most abyssal tyrants rule and hunt with sheer strength, this monster of a fish hunts with sheer patience, cunning, and sadistic tenacity. The Hadal Dragonfish, a strange deep-sea creature, is one of the most dangerous entities one can encounter in the ARK's abyssal sea. While visibility is already hard enough down there, Hadal takes it one step further by being able to completely camouflage itself similar to rock drake. When doing this, its long lure on the underside of its body will glow as it hangs motionlessly, luring in prey before this ravenous predator lunges from the abyss and gobbles them whole! For prey it cannot swallow, Hadal will attack using a powerful bite that inflicts a unique type of toxin, that slowly blinds its prey. The more blind Hadal's target is, the more damage Hadal deals to the poor victim, and the higher chance an attack from the victim may miss! While far from being as brute-force dangerous as many other abyssal creatures- Hadal itself being fairly fragile- its abilities make it just as dangerous as other abyssal creatures.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 3 - Eyes


Color Region 5 - Sclerotic Ring, Tail


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 850
Stamina 300
Food 1150
Weight 500
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 1200

Left Click - Bite

55 Base Damage - Inflicts Abyssal Darkness

Right Click - Swallow

55 Base Damage - Smaller Creatures are grabbed and immediately swallowed, causing an instant kill - The Hadal Dragonfish gains a healing buff upon swallowing a target

Q - Camoflauge

Invisibility, with the exception of its glowing lure.

When invisible, the Hadal Dragonfish has the ability to passively lure smaller creatures towards it. Tamed creatures set to follow ignore the lure.

When inflicted by Abyssal Darkness, the Hadal Dragonfish has a chance to not be hit by the target's attack. This chance increases with every hit of abyssal darkness stacked.

In the wild, Hadal Dragonfish remain invisible and stationary, waiting in ambush, only occasionally appearing to change ambush positions. It will strike at prey that gets too close.


  • The Hadal Dragonfish was originally planned to use Neurotoxic Venom (now removed) in its attacks, but this was replaced by its signature status effect: Abyssal Darkness.
  • The Hadal Dragonfish's ability to lure creatures is completely unique to it.