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Harpagornis, otherwise known as the Haast's Eagle, is a bird in Additional Creatures.


Argentavis is not the king of the Island’s skies. Soaring even higher and even faster, Harpagornis is an aggressive, massive Eagle which is the main predator of Argentavis and other flying creatures- even Quetzalcoatlus. With a name that means “Grappling Bird”, Harpagornis are adept at aerial combat and have next to no rival. Though not as well rounded and resourceful as Argentavis, Harpagornis excels at Aerial Combat to a degree that very few other flying animals can. Harpagornis is blistering quick as an eagle, and it uses this in tandem with its razor-sharp claws to slam into prey and knock them out of the sky, akin to modern eagle species. However, this can also make Harpagornis a bane to survivors, as it is fully capable of slamming into THEM- knocking them off the back of their mount and send them stunned falling to their death! However, all of this strength and agility comes at a cost. Harpagornis’s talons are so sharp the animal cannot grab any animal without causing it excruciating pain. As such, forget about using Harpagornis to carry any animal around. Tamed, they make excellent aerial dogfighters, slamming into opponents with well-placed blows that can turn the tide of battle.

Color Regions

346110 screenshots 20190126213106 1.jpg

Harpagornis have no color regions, so they all look like the individual above.

Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 385
Stamina 300
Oxygen 150
Food 2000
Weight 400
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 900

Left Click - Bite / Talon Slash

40 Base Damage - Ignores and Shreds Armor - While diving, this attack deals 115 base damage but at a higher stamina cost

Right Click / C - Taunt

Spacebar - Flight

Harpagornis is capable of diving flight.

Harpagornis deals 2x damage to aerial creatures.


  • The Haast's Eagle in Additional Creatures is given the incorrect genus name, Harpagornis, instead of Hieraaetus moorei.
  • Harpagornis originally was not able to dive. Until it was added, there was a different harpagornis version that could be spawned that can dive.
  • Harpagornis means "Grappling Bird".
  • The Haast's Eagle is the largest eagle to ever live.
  • The Haast's Eagle in the mod was originally planned to be a grappler, being able to grab other flyers as large as argentavis. However, this concept had to be scrapped as it caused issues with the model. It instead received a punch attack that originally drained stamina, and this was also scrapped and replaced with anti-flyer diving mechanics.
  • The design of the Harpagornis, while taken from the extinct animal, also takes characteristics from various other bird of prey species, including the Bearded Vulture, Little Eagle, Stellar's Sea Eagle, and Harpy Eagle.
  • The Haast's Eagle is a very recently extinct apex predator, having ruled the islands of New Zealand during the Holocene epoch, having grown to its giant size in order to out-muscle the giant moas that it hunted. It only became extinct in the 1400's, as the moas it hunted were wiped to extinction by humans.