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Himalayasaurus Reconstruction (about to gobble up a smaller ichthyosaur)

Himalayasaurus Sculpt

Himalayasaurus are a species of reptile confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Himalayasaurus, meaning "Himalaya Lizard" after the Himalayas, is a large species of ichthyosaur that lived in what is now Tibet during the Late Triassic, 210 million years ago. Himalayasaurus is a close relative of Shonisaurus and Shastasaurus, and is similar to them in its massive size and powerful jaws. At 15 meters long, it's one of the largest marine reptiles to exist. Little info is known about it aside from these facts due to lack of remains, but it is notable for its large serrated teeth, which was one of the first indicators of triassic macropredatory ichthyosaurs, a trend which would continue to be supported with later discoveries.

It is unknown how Himalayasaurus would be in Additional Creatures. A sculpt of the animal has already been provided for development, but it's unknown how it will be in-game.