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Humboldt Squid

Humboldt Squid Model

Humboldt Squid are invertebrates confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures.

Humboldt Squid, also called Jumbo Squid or Red Devils, are a large squid species that can be found off the west coast of North and South America, in the East Pacific. They are one of the largest cephalopod species, growing to about 2 meters long and weighing 60 kilograms. Typically living at depths of 200-700 meters, they live in large groups and hunt smaller fish and invertebrate prey. Humboldt Squid are notorious for attacks on humans (with no recorded fatalities), being particularly known in Mexico as "diablos rojos" (Red Devils) due to their tenacity when caught in fisheries. While known to attack humans, sometimes in groups, they are rare and considered unlikely to be the result of outright aggression. Instead, it's believed that its often in response to stressful situations, such as feeding frenzies, attraction to sudden flickers of light, and reacting to unfamiliar objects and situations.

In Additional Creatures, Humboldt Squid will be larger than their real life counterparts, being about double the length of the giant anglerfish. They will be tamable but not ridable. In the wild and as tames, they will function as swarming creatures that are weak singly but excel in large groups (akin to Coelophysis). They are also confirmed to be able to dismount riders. It is currently unknown what mod the Humbdolt Squid will appear in, with the current choices known to either be Additional Creatures: Aquaria or Additional Creatures: Endemics.