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Ichthyovenators are dinosaurs in Additional Creatures.


Ichthyovenator is a strange spinosaur, both in appearance and niche. It shares many of the same habitats as Baryonyx, but rather than directly compete with the larger spinosaurus, Ichthyovenator seems to share a mutual respect with this creature. Not also does it look similar to baryonyx and behave similarly, it can be considered Baryonyx's apex. While slower on land than Baryonyx and harder to tame, Ichthyovenator is much stronger and is a far more competent swimmer and is far more suited for aquatic life and movement. Furthermore the creature is so adapted to hunting fish, it's sheer presence alone in an area causes all fish to become terrified of it! Due to this, while simply a “more tanky baryonyx” on land, in aquatic combat, Ichthyovenator excels as an aquatic fighter!

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Majority of the Body

346110 screenshots 20180929113749 1.jpg

Color Region 5 - Facial Mask, Hands, and Dewclaws

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 560
Stamina 600
Food 2250
Weight 370
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 670

Left Click - Bite

35 Base Damage

Right Click - Tail Spin

31 Base Damage - Can only be used underwater - Stuns Creatures

C - Roar

Cannot Be Used While Moving

Spacebar - Jump

This jump can also be used to jump out of the water.

The Ichthyovenator heals very quickly by eating fish.

The Ichthyovenator inflicts 1.5x damage to any other aquatic animals.

The Ichthyovenator, instead of the damage bonus above, will instead inflict 3x damage to fish specifically.

The Ichthyovenator has the "Apex Piscivore" debuff. This area-of-effect debuff terrifies fish, making them 60% less resistant to its attacks. Be warned, however, that this debuff is absolute. It affects all fish: wild or tamed, your own fish or an enemy's fish.


  • Ichthyovenator means "Fish Hunter".
  • Ichthyovenator is one of the most memorable dinosaurs from Southeast Asia, hailing from the country of Laos.
  • Ichthyovenator is known for having a notch in its tall back. While the vertebrae in that region are known to be malformed due to injury or disease, it's still thought to be a a natural characteristic of the animal, although it was not as obvious in life.