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Invertebrates are creatures in Additional Creatures. Distinct in that they lack a backbone, they are extremely diverse. A variety of creatures are invertebrates, from "bugs" to mollusks to cephalopods to other monstrosities.

List of Invertebrates

Name Mod Diet Temperament Tameable Rideable Saddle Level
Anomalocaris ACA Carnivore Short-Tempered Yes Yes N / A
Atmospheric Jellyfish ACP Carnivore Elusive No No N / A
Con Rit ACP Carnivore Elusive Yes Yes 80
Fiddler Crab ACA Carnivore Skittish Yes No N / A
Giant Octopus ACA Piscivore Docile Yes Yes N / A
Giant Vampire Squid ACA Piscivore Passive Yes No N / A
Gigatitan AC2 Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes 65
Lucanidae AC2 Herbivore Docile Yes Yes 95
Thorned Dreadweaver AC2 Carnivore Aggressive Yes Yes 90