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Irritator Reconstruction

Original Irritator

Irritator is a dinosaur confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Irritator was a spinosaur that lived in Brazil during the Early Cretaceous, 110 million years ago. Irritator has an interesting history in the world of palaeontology. The original Irritator fossil was discovered by science in 1996, it was a skull that was reprimanded by fossil poachers. The poachers had malformed the skull with plastor, fabricating it to look much more complete than it actually was, and claimed it to be a pterosaur skull. All this plaster was a nightmare for the scientists to remove, being such an irritation that it gave the taxon its name. Irritator is the most iconic spinosaur from South America, and likely lived similar to others: living by rivers eating fish, coexisting with some other notable species like Sarcosuchus. Irritator has provoked some mystery in regards to its history with other spinosaurs. Irritator had a contemporary in the form of Angaturama, but this latter taxon is largely believed to just be another Irritator specimen. Irritator is also the closest well-understood relative of the iconic spinosaurus, which has led scientists to believe, alongside physical evidence, that it actually looked quite similar, minus the sail and size. It even bared the small rear legs and, likely, the fluke tail that its larger cousin exhibited.

Irritator has had a long history in the Additional Creatures series. The idea of a small and very aggressive spinosaur has been a concept for inclusion since the beginning of the mod series' history, but it was only added officially with Irritator in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK. The design and sounds directly referenced the Baryonyx of the Jurassic World series. Irritator lived in dry and mountainous habitats, being completely terrestrial in contrast to its kin, and was notorious for its power for its size, intended to be the 'honey badger' of spinosaurs. While having size, build, and speed akin to carnotaurus, it could punch well above its weight due to its armored hide, high attack rate, and powerful attacks like a claw attack that induced bleed. It was eventually removed due to a lack of quality, but is planned to return to the mod in a TLC, where it is currently planned to recieve a new, more original design that makes it quadropedal.