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Isaberrysaura Reconstruction

Isaberrysaura Concept Art

Isaberrysaura are dinosaurs confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK.

Isaberrysaura, meaning "Isabel's Lizard" after its discoverer, is a species of ornithscian dinosaur that lived in Argentina during the Early Jurassic, 170 million years ago. While its body plan is reminiscent of a basal ornithscian, are in-fact the most primitive stegosaurian recorded. This relationship can be seen in its skull, which is reminiscent of stegosaurs.

Isaberrysaura's role in Additional Creatures is currently not too certain. Concept art has been created, with the current plan for it to be added to Additional Creatures 2: Wild ARK, where it will be similar in size to Baryonyx. But this is subject to change.