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Jersey Devil Depiction

Jersey Devil Concept Art

Jersey Devil is a fantasy creature confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures 2: Paranoia.

The Jersey Devil is a demonic-like creature that supposedly exists in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The creature is described as mammalian and kangaroo-like in posture, with goat-like legs and head, bat-like wings, and a devil-esc forked tail. It originated as more of a local legend, as a supposed devil that was birthed by the Leeds family in the 1700's. The Jersey Devil, originally known as "Leeds Devil" was the equivalent of a ghost story or urban legend in the 1700's and 1800's. It wasn't until the 1900's that the well-known depiction of Jersey Devil was established and it was given a cryptid status, with many people claiming to have seen it in the New Hersey Pine Barrens.

The Jersey Devil in Additional Creatures is known to be a predatory omnivore that will only take apex egg kibble for taming. Its design has been revealed, with its horns taking inspiration from Geep and Markhor horns.