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Keter is a boss creature confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Paranoia.

Keter in Additional Creatures is a hybrid that is very obscure, as most of its description comes from outdated lore scripts. Keter is described as a gray-ish quadropedal reptilian with a bird-like head, spike-like horns, and covered with long, shaggy fur. It is noted for its rather brutal feeding style and very unstable behavior. It is unknown exactly how it will be ingame.

Base DNA Makeup-

Nigerien Firespitter - Base

Partridge Creek Beast - Fur, Crests

Emela Ntouka - Horns

Cuero Chupacabra - Claws, Hematophagy

Atmospheric Jellyfish - Resistance, Venom Breath

Chimpanzee - Intelligence

Side DNA Makeup - Gastornis, Southern Cassowary, Mothman, Orca, Varanidae