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Lake Van Monsters are reptiles in Additional Creatures.


Lake Monsters are arguably one of the most famous of all types of cryptids. Sighted the world over and almost all of them are rumored the same. However the one that seems to have appeared on the arks may be Lake Van's very own Lake Van Monster. Lake Van is a Saline Lake in Turkey- and as such, has very little of an ecosystem with any sustainable or large prey. Yet the Lake Van Monster adapted to this high-concentration environment. It absorbs the salt from its home into its skin and its body, allowing it to store and preserve food for long periods of time. Furthermore, it has an extremely slow metabolism, like sloths and koalas. As such, they are sluggish but VERY powerful animals, preferring this “lower power operating mode” to save on fuel, and combining it with its food preservation, it allows the Lake Van Monster to eat indiscriminately at slower rates and survive in ecosystems with hardly any prey at all. Lastly, the Lake Van Monster has a very specific way of expelling excess salt- a high-powered brine blast, pushing creatures back and damaging structures with pressurized water. Furthermore, the sheer high concentrations of salt make it a powerful attack, and these high concentrations when covering a target cause it to dry out, burning them and weakening their physical defenses. Despite all this strength, however, there is one flaw in the creature- its naturally slow metabolism. This prevents the creature from moving quickly or attacking with full strength, which may make it extremely unappealing to those who may want it. However, should one keep their Lake Van Monster well fed, if they tame one, the creature may realize it has no need to run in this “low power mode”, and reveal its full strength....

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Lateral

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Color Region 4 - Dorsal

346110 screenshots 20190301203405 1.jpg

Color Region 5 - Underside

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 1800
Stamina 300
Food 9200
Weight 1000
Melee Damage 185%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 5200

Left Click - Bite

80 Base Damage

Right Click - Brine Breath

50 Base Damage - Hits Five Times - Inflicts Salt Burn

C - Tail Swipe

57 Base Damage - Hits Twice

O - Roar

Lake Van Monsters are immune to electrocution, venom, shadowmane poison, and water attacks.

Lake Van Monsters start out with a "Slow Start" debuff when tamed. The debuff lasts for 30 minutes, and during this period the Lake Van Monster cannot sprint and it's damage is reduced 60%. Bred individuals are not born with this debuff.

Lake Van Monster receives a hydration buff when touching water, increasing damage, movement speed, health regeneration, and stamina regeneration.

Bred and Originally-Wild individuals cannot interbreed.

Tamed Lake Van Monsters produce natural salt in their inventory.

Consumable items last 10x longer in the inventory of a Lake Van Monster compared to normal.

Lake Van Monsters are armored, only taking 80% of incoming damage.


  • The Lake Van Monster's design is inspired by typical designs of the Lake Van Monster of course, but also takes inspiration from the Loch Ness Monster, the Crater Lake Monster, and the Loch Ness Monster from Scooby Doo.
  • The Lake Van Monster's slow metabolism and affinity for salt is because of it creating an organic reason as to why it lived in Lake Van, Turkey, which is a saline lake devoid of most larger wildlife.
  • In mod canon, the Lake Van Monster is related to the Nigerien Firespitter and Smok saurovindico.