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Prototype-1:Stable Influence -

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/-Loading File: Prototype-1: Stable Influence

/-Goal: Standardized, Safe, Humane Hybridization theory

/-Description {Aut. C.A.A: C.S.M. Antony}: Prototype-1 serves as the foundation for the Humane Hybrid Theory. Whereas S.P.E.K.T.O.R. uses drastic and unstable gene manipulation to cause severe changes against the base creature's anatomical and biological composition, the Humane Hybrid Theory follows the articles under Document 403 ( “God's Laws of Construction”). The basis is to show that the best way to create a hybrid or genetic creature is to augment the pre-existing genome, rather than re-write it. In other words, compliment the features already present in the base subject rather than force in new features. The idea is that one would be properly spurring on evolution by influencing stronger/more adapted genes of what already exists in the base creature. For example, Prototype-1 uses the Ark-Species Spinosaurus aquareliga. Genomes chosen as follows, as per example and reason:

-Carcharodontosaurus: Tooth Structure. The teeth of S. aquareliga and the ark's Carcharodontosaurus species are similar in structure.

-Deinosuchus: Jaw Structure, bodily armor. Spinosaurus sp. Already possesses a crocodilian-like snout, albeit, with a weakened bite force. The theory was that Deinosuchus would help re-arrange tooth structure and jaw shape to allow for more powerful bites. S. aquareliga also possesses light armor down its spine similar to a crocodile. It was hoped Deinosuchus would help make these features more pronounced and durable.

-Fasolasuchus: Bone Strength/Durability, bodily armor: for much the same reason as Deinosuchus side-effect, to increase osteoderm armor. It is hoped that the four-legged stance of Fasolasuchus, which helped durability and weight distribution would also help the subject become more resistant to being shoved around. Both being primarily quadropedal creatures, it was hoped the similarities would help produce beneficial effects.

-Rajasaurus: Rear Leg strength. While the back legs of Spinosaurus are already fairly strong, it was suggested by Dr. Yumi that Rajasaurus be added to re-enforce the subject's hind legs, due to the potential overall mass produced by Fasolasuchus and Deinosuchus genomes, even if Spinosaurus has fair mass tolerance and spread.

-Yangchuanosaurus: Arm Strength. Genome from Y. xiaolongi was added to increase Spinosaurus's already powerful front limb striking power.

Results: Prototype-1 was a complete success, and the end result seems more a proper hybrid than a true prototype. The genome seems to suffer from Hybrid Vigor, resulting in increased bodily size, strength, and durabily. The specimen can take and give extensive punishment, boasting vastly powerful jaws and arms. Furthermore, the armor has come into effect as well, albiet, heavier and more durable than expected. It allows the creature to resist profuse bleeding, heat, electricity, harsh elements, and most forms of damage. Explosions and only truly massive creatures seem to be the only chink in it's armor. The durable genomes of Fasolasuchus and Rajasaurus have helped in keeping the base Spinosaurus mobility. Other noteworthy adaptations seem to include increased resilience for cargo capacity.

-C.S.M. Antony/


Prototype Progress -

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/-Loading File: Message 40123 (Date 2/25)

/-Subject: Prototype Progress

/-Message {Aut. C.A.A: G.S.R. Rei (CN: 'Wraith')}:"I suppose we ought be thankful the assistance of our new allies, thanks to Temperance {Decode identified: CN: 'Temperance'= C.S.M. Antony}. If it wasn't for him, we would have been crippled beyond what we already stand. Before his return we had only 1,000 people left. In the simple fight we had to keep the corrupted, S.P.E.K.T.O.R, and New Genesis away just so that Vermillion's{CN:?} Hatzegopteryx could rescue him from his several-mile arrival point, we had been massacred down to 300 individuals. Though i suppose we needed one last test of our willpower. If it wasn't for Dea{CN:?}, the 250 people we lost when S.P.E.K.T.O.R hacked into Sanctuary's turret defenses would have been down and out. At least Darwin {Decode Identified: CN: 'Darwin'= Helena Walker} was able to quickly get back control of our home and lock them out. Pays having somebody on the inside.

Regardless, as General of Science and Research, i am pleased to report our first two viable instances of Prototype-1. We have Twilight{CN:?} to thank for that. Several no-sleep and semi-sleep caffeine-driven nights with her have resulted in P-01-01 and P-01-02. These will be directly raised by Temperance and Twilight respectively for appropriate bonding and imprinting. Embryos are stable. Which reminds me...

450. That was the lowest IQ i remember scoring. I'd casually flaunt it, but to pass the time one day, i gave Twilight the same test. Just because she's from a place much more ancient in time and technology doesn't mean she's any inept. I knew from when Temperance spoke of her, and especially when i saw her- that woman was extremely sharp-witted and clever. She just oozed intellect, and i felt i had the first person i'd feel this close to in intellect in a long time. I had a feeling she could be more intelligent than me, possibly, but it mattered little. I was just pleased to have somebody helping with this complex of a task. She was eager to learn, and quick to do it- very few mistakes, extremely on point. Her exact confidence and belief in D 403 is...well, debatable, but im not surprised with her. She has quite the massive ego, but even if she doesn't view the situation the same way we do; im aware of one thing... while its not in the same format as D 403, her view on the topic is practically the same.

Quite the character. No wonder Temperance has married her, more or less.

Regardless, that IQ...

The quiz capped. 450, just like me. But that was simply because the IQ test was scaled to me as a maximum. I've yet to give her test we could down on earth, which involves TEK-based technology. There i scored, based on the higher parameters set forth by those of year {DATA CORRUPT}, 520.

I wouldn't be surprised if Twilight capped that test at 720+

There's been stories of incredibly smart people from the ancient times. It makes you wonder about stories like Atlantis and Dwarka. You don't need an entire civilization that smart. Just one person to pave the way and teach others.

I wonder, by looking at her and Darwin, if there's multiple ways for the human, both in mind and body, to evolve.

That may be both more beneficial, and terrifying, than our or S.P.E.K.T.O.R's hybrid projects.

God help us if S.P.E.K.T.O.R. gets their hands on even a single drop of her blood."

-G.S.R. Rei (CN: Wraith)"/


State of Hostility and Defense -

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/-Loading File: Message 40100(Date 5/20)

/-Subject: State of Hostility and Defense

-Message {Aut. C.A.A: G.M.T Sherren (CN: 'Vermillion')}: “C.A.A. Or Cross-Ark-Alliance/ Cross-Ark-Allegiance is a collaborative effort of several subjects of the current ARK network. In other words, we're the only people with fucking right minds left despite the world ending around us.

I'm not going to butter you up like Midori {First name identified. “Midori Rei”, C.A.A. G.S.R, “Wraith”}. No science, I'm a tomboy, so i'll give it to to you straight with no science bullshit, capiche?

As you know, if you're an ally or affiliate of the C.A.A, the ark network was created due to the corruption of Element spreading across the planet's surface. The arks are “lifeboats” of sorts for life, intent at first on training and evolving the humans it brought back to be strong enough to defeat the threat down on Earth (Element, Corruption, Titans Etc). I won't bore you with too much. Basically worsening conditions down on earth were causing the overseers to evolve the arks into impossible to survive deathtraps, with conditions getting more and more lethal for the sake of “training”, but even if you pass the station's test, you're still not considered “strong enough” so you get your ass yeeted via Ascension to another ark for more training in an impossible to complete loop. I'm not going to go through the whole fucking shenaniganry. We have the previous important survivor's notes on file- go read them for yourself, you should have during initiation. It was required reading.

Long story short, the attack on the King Titan by Mei-Yin Li and Diana Altarias was a failure. They did little more than just wound the bastard. By the time of their passing and another group had found the remains, they rebuilt and repaired the MegaMek. However, barely anything was known about the King Titan at the time. The fucker came back, he and the MegaMek threw down again...and he tore that giant robot of ours, humanity's “greatest weapon”, to fucking pieces in under 15 seconds flat. People didn't think he'd get stronger over a few hundred years...gee, I wonder why.

Enter us, the C.A.A. Founded 205 years ago. Currently the C.A.A is lead by three people: G.S.R (General of Science and Resarch) Midori Rei, G.M.T Lucielle Sherren (General of Military and Tactics: yours truly bitches), and C.S.M (Command Sergeant Major) Jason Antony. Funny how a trio of friends from life long ago can end up in such a place, eh?

The three of us have lead the C.A.A for 200 years. Yes. I'm 25 and I've been around fucking 200 years, it fucking sucks. But hey, I haven't aged. As Helena explained, as long as you do what the ark's deem fitting (or have a person on the inside like we do), the arks keep you young and long-lived in your prime to “continue testing”. That and having a backup body if you're on “The List” helps. I've seen a lot of good people come and go.

As you may have guessed, the C.A.A's goal is to continue the fight against Corruption and reclaim our home. It's why each of us was brought back from the dead for a reason: and we're the only ones with clear enough eyes to see that.

Many of you have been to arks and know what I mean. Jason's right. The wars....the violence, the selfishness. Even when mankind faces extinction, they'd rather act selfishly for shortsighted ambitions, almost ignoring the larger problem, and do as they please. The world's ending all around them, and all they care about is beating their neighbor into a bloody pulp and stealing all their shiny new stuff. It's fucking infantile, isn't it? That's exactly what caused all this shit in the first place. Mass mega-element-made weaponry in a world-wide war that lasted a long time caused all this shit in the first place because mankind is nothing but a bunch of incompetent dick-monkeys. Then, ya know, there's us, with common sense.

As Jason says, and as history has proven, mankind is at our most powerful and efficient when we work together and put our differences aside. I encourage you: get to know your fellow C.A.A. You'd be surprised who you may find around here. A communist? A soviet? Socialists? Etc. Hell, you may even find a Nazi- We've had a few. But it doesn't matter what you did in the past. HERE is different. If you want to turn over a new leaf, the arks- and especially your efforts in the C.A.A- is the perfect way to do it. You'll find most of us are extremely good people. You'll make friends easily here if you just let your barriers drop- and you better. It's the most efficient way to get things done around here.

We made great strides until the appearance of our latest adversaries. To stress, these three are not affiliated in any way.

-The Corruption. The corrupted element horde and infestation, controlled in hive-mind by the Sentient and Sapient King Titan and his army of equally Sentient and Sapient Titans. The King Titan despite his appearance is a fully intelligent creature who has learned since his first encounter with the MegaMek not to underestimate us humans anymore. His efforts have been half-hearted as of late due to our...well, i'll be honest, unwinnable situation. He hasn't really even tried to put much heat on us because of how pitiful of a state we're in right now, especially after our recent and frequent attacks by our other two major targets.

-S.P.E.K.T.O.R. A shadowy group who is responsible for the murder of Jason's mentor and the thieves who stole her work on the Humane Hybridization Theory. Lemme ask you something: what do you think happened world-wide when the first Atomic Bombs were dropped on Japan? Fear, right? Well... it's in human nature, at that same time or later, to get...greed, and envy. Somebody has a new toy, so you want it, bigger, better, badder. Keep making it bigger and badder so you have a more deadly weapon to use and flaunt to test dicks with. It's fucking human nature and it makes me fucking sick, even if I like to throw punches. S.P.E.K.T.O.R. Stole research regarding the Humane Hybridization Theory, which was derived from the GENESIS Law of genetic research. They twisted it into trying to create the biggest and baddest bio-weaponry. Just like you see in the damn movies. It's a dumb idea- and definitely was at the time, but especially now on the arks I can't deny it. Their plan was to use Jason's discovery of Carnaphobia magnaprima, the largest terrestrial predator known, and turn it into a weapon of war by augmenting the existing creature beyond humane methods. I mean, fucking hell they succeeded, the damn thing breathes element-infused fire. The ARK's genome database gave them the best thing they could access: an archive of basically every fucking living thing on the planet and their adapted/evolved genes, and used it for themselves.

You can fucking bet they also took note on how the ARKs made species like the Reapers, Wyverns, Megapithecus and Broodmother as well. Testing for Carniphobia's enhancement was met with the creation of 3 other projects as tests and stepping stones. Shadowlord, Marauder, and Typhon- the three tests: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, which became the stepping stones to Epsilon- Carnaphobia. Shadowlord tests Intelligence and Growth Rate. Marauder tests Aggression and Defense. Typhon tests Size and Biological Extremes. Two murderous dinosaurs and a fucking disease-spewing Wyvern-Ceratosaurus. All to make a monster out of a living creature. It's a spit in the face and disgrace to what was once Jason's pride and joy. I'mma break their necks for messing with my little brother, I swear to god.

-New Genesis. A group of militant, aggressive survivors which fall nothing short of terrorism. While nowhere near as intelligent as S.P.E.K.T.O.R., these bastards just won't quit. Their constant attacks have often given S.P.E.K.T.O.R. Time to breathe and redirect their efforts from attacking us. This group of terroristic bastards's name origins from the project codename of altered Carnaphobia- Neo-Genesis, which they stole in mockery of S.P.E.K.T.O.R. Claiming themselves to be the ones to bring fear and revolution to earth.

Ya know, it's fucking funny. There's two world-domination-bent groups still trying to fucking wipe out each other and everybody else in their way when, ya know...there's barely any earth left to conquer?! It's fucking ridiculous how stupid we humans are as a species! There's barely anything left to conquer here on this planet, and it's not like they'll put their shit on pause to deal with the fucking MAJOR, ECO-DISASTER-CAUSING, APOCALYPSE-NOW threat that's a fucking ripoff godzilla. Nooo, we humans are the threat and must be conquered hurr durr. Honestly, it just makes me even happier when I fucking shoot somebody from either side.

The plan for us of C.A.A. Is still what it always has been- stopping corruption and saving the planet. We've got a favor to return, as well as common sense (...or is it not-so-common-sense at this point?) to act upon. In honor of my little brother-by-soul and his mentor, our job is to fufil her wishes of the GENESIS Law and Humane Hybridization Theory. By creating our own humane bio-weapons. The original plan drafted by his wasn't even weapons, you know? It was small shit at first. Dogs with glowing nails, or glowing store-raised was stuff like that. Just trying to figure out exactly how god made everything, ya know? Learning more about us and the world around us. Medicinal was the reason at know Jellyfish proteins could do such things as stop brain aging or even some cancers? That type of stuff. By studying the influences in animals we could learn about how to evolve ourselves as a species.

Think of all the people lost to cancer. His mentor did so much to try and lay and discover humane laws for gene study. So many people had already been stopped and punished for trying to break that rule, and so much had been done. You know what the first animal that was brought back from extinction was? Not Mammoth or Thylacine. Those were third and second respectively. It was Baiji. A fucking river dolphin, simply because it was a massive favorite of Jason's and his mentor was such a friend and figure they pursued it first. She even had a saying. “Start off small. Don't jump for the T-rex or mammoth immediately, cause you'll scare people into having Jurassic Park flashbacks. Even if it's fiction, it's based in a lot of logic in reality”. That's why she laid all the groundwork: we've got shit caused by S.P.E.K.T.O.R. That needs to be corrected, and the best way to do that is to do it properly.

Midori handles R&D, I handle blowing shit up and killing these fuckers, and Jason is the middleman who balances us all out. Helena Walker, the only surviving Homo deus, helps us from within the arks themselves. Bends things to help us out. Keeps an eye on the network. Our goal is to evolve as a people by ignoring nature's applauds for senseless violence and by further evolving together, unified, when we are strongest, permanently. We will never forget. Every time people forgot- 9/11, both World Wars, Vietnam- people got right back to fighting each other rather than the enemy. We will never forget. We will not let a new form of Corruption taint this world once again after the King Titan is long gone. Hell if we'll let him win, even if we have no way of killing him at this point. We will never back down, and we will never let humanity be our own downfall.

We will never forget.

We will always fight.

We are the C.A.A.

And we're all the earth has left.

-G.M.T. Lucielle Sherren (CN: Vermillion)”/


Dr. Tice, Subject Keter -

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/-Loading File: Anecdote Archive 0682

/-Subject: Dr. Tice, Subject Keter

/-Message: The following is a digital reconstruction of an anecdote written by Dr. Renae Tice, and was found among her other belongings after her demise. Her writings are replicated here, in hopes of learning new methods of containing and controlling Subject Keter.

“If anyone is reading this, I am most likely dead or long gone. I am writing this in hopes that me and my work is not only remembered, but also that you all learn from my mistakes, given S. P. E. K. T. O. R. most likely wiped/discredited my research and New Genesis’s database I’d argue is not only trash compared to S. P. E. K. T. O. R.’s but also has no care for privacy.

My name is Renae Tice, and I was originally a scientist of S. P. E. K. T. O. R. tasked with the execution of the hybrid projects assisting the head doctors, whose names I will leave anonymous. When brought on to the team, I thought that we were being asked to do the impossible. These insane “hybrid” species proposals were unheard of at that time even on the basic level, much less the creation of giant elemental reptilians. However, the execution of Project Shadowlord drastically changed my preconceived notions. The genie was out of the bottle; it was like a switch. Suddenly anything seemed possible, and I began to become invested in my peers and their work. However, with passion comes critique and standards.

I strongly felt like S. P. E. K. T. O. R. was underusing the great power that they were given. All of this experimentation was purely aimed towards the creation of a single creature, and exploration outside of this goal was heavily restricted. It makes no sense to me. There are a million questions to be answered about what type of creatures can be created and its limits, yet S. P. E. K. T. O. R. would rather remain obsessed with their weapon. That is why I simply let the illegal project now known as Project Beta come to pass. I was not associated with that project, but I knew of its existence and kept my mouth shut. Low and behold, the project was out of the norm but, while initially scrutinized, was rewarded for the unforeseen knowledge that it provided. The success of Project Beta and Project Gamma only seem to further prove that thinking outside of the box would only benefit S. P. E. K. T. O. R.. There are many species that are known on the ARK’s as mystical and elusive, almost “cryptic” in a sense. While not well-studied, there are many species of this type known on the ARK’s that are feared for many things, whether it be sheer power or nightmare-inducing abilities seen nowhere else. The use of these species within the genome of Carnaphobia or some other creature could have made them unstoppable, but I was denied regardless of the evidence. To this day it frustrates me to the core, I felt like we were on the edge of a great breakthrough, but their ignorance kept me looking like a fool.

All of this changed when New Genesis ambushed the S. P. E. K. T. O. R. facility I was in at that time. Caught by surprise, the military forces were sluggish to respond, which allowed New Genesis to capture both myself and many other personnel in order to buy themselves time. It became a hostage situation, with the New Genesis soldiers threatening to shoot us dead if they don't back off and let them get what they came for, which was probably machinery given their fetish for weaponry I know all too well at this point. However, given all of the head scientists escaped, they did not comply. Thank Christ it was only a bluff and they took us as prisoners instead, or I wouldn’t be here writing this. I was thrown into an empty room, with two other guards outside the room guarding the door.

I was forced to sit there for a few hours, with no idea of where I was or how long I would be here. For all I knew they could have left me in there to starve. However, in my boredom I noticed I could hear a conversation going on beyond the door. It was the two guards, who began to discuss with each other about their current situation. They stated dissatisfaction with their currently rivalry with S. P. E. K. T. O. R. given that their “ripoff Godzilla”, whatever that means, is the last thing they need with enemies on all sides. This gave me an idea. After a few more hours of being able to do nothing but think, what looked like a high-ranking member of New Genesis approached me with the two guards by his side. While I now known him as General <>, my first experience with him involved him instantly pulling a gun on me and telling me to tell him everything that I knew about S. P. E. K. T. O. R., stating that he had “No time for any bullshit” and that “I have plenty more like you I have to go through.”. While obviously an interrogation, I opened with not only letting him know I had a lot to give him, referencing the Carnaphobia and various details about it, but also said that I had the power to give New Genesis a weapon even greater than that. I went on about various aspects of S. P. E. K. T. O. R., not everything but enough for him to not blow my head off, and let him know that I don’t have to be an enemy. While initially skeptical, I feel like they could tell I was serious due to being a S. P. E. K. T. O. R. scientist and my knowledge of the hybrid projects. As a result, they took me up on my offer, albeit under heavy supervision and threatened to kill on the slightest suspicion of betrayal.

One thing that I quickly learned about New Genesis is that they lack any sort of scientific division, with the only staff resembling scientists being engineers and related personnel. I was really the only one with the expertise capable of making my promise possible, which was quite daunting at first, but I knew I was capable. I was finally capable of making my wish possible. Anything I asked to make the promise possible they provided, so it took mostly time rather than resources to execute. God it was a lot of work. I did a lot of field expeditions to find and gather DNA samples of the various cryptic species for the hybrid’s creation, along with many days in the lab to combine it all properly into a comprehensive genome, which is something I was not the best at I admit. Nobody was here in New Genesis to question me, though. In the end, I managed to make a distinct genome in my own vision, dubbed “Subject Keter”. Although I admit the product of my fruition was something that nobody expected, including myself.

Specimen Description: Subject Keter is a large, quadrupedal animal with a lizard-like body, long tail, and a long neck. Each of its four legs end in feet with long, curved claws. The skull is large and oddly bird-like, reminiscent of that of the genus Gastornis, with a pair of spike-like horns on the crown of its head. Subject Keter gets its name from these structures, as Keter means “crown” in Hebrew. The animal is also covered in a layer of long, shaggy fur on its torso and neck region, with it being so long in some places that it drapes across the ground or covers its face. There are scales wherever fur is absent. Subject Keter is ash-gray in coloration, with the hair being jet black. In contrast, the head is primarily skull-white, with a large black eye-spot on the lateral side of the top jaw, in front of the actual piercing red eyes. The species has various morphological traits that result from its genetic makeup.

Nigerien Firespitter –

Basal Genome, Flame Sac. Keter shares the same basic body plan of the Nigerien Firespitter, chosen primarily because of its mix of speed and mobility. Keter is also known to possess the same flame sac that the Nigerien Firespitter uses to shoot out its flames. However, the Keter does not expel fire, and uses the sac for another purpose.

Partridge Creek Beast –

Insulating Integument. Unsure of how Subject Keter would adapt itself to harsher conditions, Keter was given Partridge Creek Beast DNA to guarantee its adaptability in colder climates. The Beast’s DNA also seemed to have had some influence on the horns on its head, given they are on the crown rather than on the nose.

Emela Ntouka and Cuero Chupacabra –

Emela-Ntouka was added for its ferocious behavior and powerful horn. Cuero Chupacabra was added due to its adaptations for hot climates, as well as its social structure, which would prove valuable for training the asset. The shape of the horns seem to be a combination of the Emela-Ntouka and Partridge Creek Beast, and the claws on its feet are similar to that of Cuero Chupacabra. However, the combination of these two species specifically also had an unintended side effect. It seems that the beak-like jaw and mammal-affinity of Emela-Ntouka, along with the blood-consuming diet of Cuero Chupacabra, has made Keter an Endothermic Hematophage. Keter’s diet is exclusively the blood of endothermic animals, primarily mammals, and its way of feeding is…unorthodox to say the least. It grabs a victim, crushes the prey many times in its jaws until it is nothing but a fleshy paste, and then gulps it down via suction. This has made feeding Keter incredibly difficult, as Keter requires fresh meat to be properly sated.

Atmospheric Jellyfish –

Resistance and Projectile Abilities. Keter has a flesh composition that is similar to that of the Atmospheric Jellyfish, which gives it a resistance unlike almost anything else seen on the ARK’s. The venom of the atmospheric jellyfish also is implemented into the sac in its body that is implemented from the Nigerien Firespitter, allowing it to shoot globs of venom out of its mouth.

Chimpanzee –

Intelligence. While other intelligent species such as canines and cetaceans are ideal for an intelligent and obedient specimen, Chimpanzee was chosen instead because of the belief that their intelligence and social structure can go beyond those previously mentioned. While obedient and able to be trained, Keter could, with the proper training, have the ability to learn advanced combat strategies, easily distinguish between friend and foe, and think and act on its own when necessary.

The genome also consists of Gastornis, Southern Cassowary, Mothman, Orca, and Varanidae to round out certain traits.

Raising and training Keter has proven to be a very rocky process. While initially quite friendly and cooperative, as Specimen Keter became larger it also became more aggressive and unpredictable. While relatively docile towards me, Subject Keter shows hostility towards any other human it comes across, roaring and charging at them. However, it seems restricted in terms of killing these people, at least in my presence, disengaging when said people show any fear towards him, whether it be running away or reflexively hitting the dirt. Any hostility towards Keter, whether it be trying to train/command it or direct assault, is immediately met with death. I seem to be the only human that it will tolerate to this degree. Training with it being relatively smooth, taking my commands and being tolerant of others when I direct it. I believe that the Chimpanzee DNA in its system has not only given it intelligence akin to a Chimpanzee, but the mentality of one as well. Male Chimpanzees at least are known for their brutal social hierarchies, focused highly on dominance via strength. It is possible that Subject Keter has this same mindset. Being much larger and powerful than any human, it sees no reason to be subordinate to them. It only listens to me, most likely because it sees me as its mother or some sort of parental figure, and even then he challenges me from time to time. Any attempts to introduce other trainers have been met with failure. Subject Keter very much has its own distinct personality, showing arrogance in its nature towards humans. Having seen its power firsthand, I have a good feeling it could break out and escape at any time, but it doesn’t. God knows what would happen if I wasn’t here to manage his behavior.

This brings me to the modern day with an accident that happened a few ago. After various tests in the facility, it was time for Subject Keter to see actual combat. Led by General <>, we made our way to the battlefield, where New Genesis forces were already combating S. P. E. K. T. O. R.. I was flying on a Harpagornis alongside him in order to keep him focused. Subject Keter was specifically recruited in order to give New Genesis equal footing against the Carnaphobia, who was demolishing our troops. This was the moment that I have been waiting for, to finally show S. P. E. K. T. O. R. the true power of hybridization is capable of. I gave him in the order to attack Carnaphobia, and he charged at them from the trees. S. P. E. K. T. O. R. was caught completely by surprise, and the two titans began to clash. Carnaphobia fought hard, blasting Keter with his elemental breath. But Keter, although clearly getting harmed, did not slow down, and managed to knock the hybrid off its feet and climb on top of him. Finally feeling an advantage in the fight, the head of the operation order his soldiers to fire upon the Carnaphobia while it’s down, to finally put an end to its reign of terror.

However, some soldiers on a nearby tower misjudged their aim, and a series of rockets was launched into Subject Keter’s back. Keter recoiled and roared in pain, and in that moment the Carnaphobia saw its chance and kicked him off, knocking Keter back. Upon recovery from the scuffle, Keter looked around and locked its eyes upon the soldiers in the tower, realizing they were the ones that hurt him that badly. He began to march towards the tower. I went by his side and desperately tried to calm him down or direct him away from the tower, to no avail. I warned the soldiers in the tower to get out of there, but it was too late. Keter smashed through the tower like a house of cards, killing the dozen soldiers within it. After that, soldiers nearby disobeyed orders like absolute idiots and fired at Keter, only resulting in two dozen more casualties. Once I told them to stand down and calmed Keter, I directed it back towards the main facility and its holding area.

I was reprimanded by my superiors, claiming that Keter out there was just as much of a threat to their men as the Carnaphobia was, and how I simply created another monster, maybe one even worse than S. P. E. K. T. O. R.’s. I was furious, maybe their men should not have missed their target and threatened it like that. At that point General <> was red in the face and discharged me, saying that he’ll meet me in a few days for a proper punishment, for both what happened and my poor conduct, while he tends to his men’s wounds in the meantime. I understand his anger, but maybe he should have considered the impact Keter had. Carnaphobia for the first time showed weakness and substantial injury, which prompted S. P. E. K. T. O. R. to retreat once New Genesis was distracted with Keter going rouge. It could be the big breakthrough New Genesis has been looking for in the fight, but maybe now they are no different to S. P. E. K. T. O. R. in their ignorance towards the obvious. Maybe me joining New Genesis was a mistake, and they are no better than S. P. E. K. T. O. R.. Keter was just the first one; there is potential for more varieties, but they’ll probably just shut me down. General <> told me to meet him in his office in an hour, and god knows what he’ll do. He feels betrayed, and considering how things are around here, I have no idea what he’ll do. I fear for my well-being, as well as the life of my creation. At this point they may just consider my efforts a failure and terminate Subject Keter, and who knows what will happen to me at that point.

To anyone that reads this, let it be known that I was not a failure. Keter may not be perfect, but that just means to learn from my mistakes and keep going. I can be at ease knowing that I fulfilled my promise to New Genesis, and that my creation is the templar of genetic power and the true potential of hybridization.

Long Live Subject Keter.

-Lead Biogeneticist Dr. Tice”/


Administrative Briefing -

{{{{{{{{[Welcome Authorized .S.P.E.K.T.O.R. Member]}}}}}}}

/-Loading File: Administrative Briefing 2095(Date 3/31)

/-Subject: Administrative Briefing

/-Message {Aut. D.H.C. Arielle Spektor)}: “Things will be brief and fast. Keep focused.

Our intel has gathered that my dear former student, Jason, is finally now a true father. It appears 'Twilight', as she is codenamed, has finally given birth to the twins. Subjects at birth, from what intel gathers, are slightly larger than average human newborns. However it appears both young ones are fully cognitive. They respond to their environment around them and can even make noises to communicate, and are already capable of visual sight just a few hours of being born. The amount of growth compared to humans is phenomenal.

My mind already races with possibilities that they hold. I don't care how close they will be to their mother's side. She can't stay by them all the time. I want them taken as swiftly as possible for research. If they cannot be mentally reprogrammed as the way most children can at a young age due to their rapid growth, I would prefer they be taken before they can kick and scream during securing them. They apparently grow fast, and it will only be weeks before they are running around like most young kids.

At most should they prove uncooperative, follow Human Evolution Protocol 012. Terminate both subjects and dissect them on a molecular level for as plentiful of samples as possible. If we cannot control them, we can use what is built from them as we learn of their makeup. Jason will probably impregnate his dear wife again, so their assimilation matters little. Subject identification 52423 (Verbatim: Kahreli) & 52424 (Verbatim: Mhyrlene).

As for Twilight herself, I want her captured at all costs when she shows any signs of weakness. It will likely be a best bet until we wait for the subject to come to earth with her husband to try and stop the corrupted threat. We have our bugs in place, they will strike when the time is needed. Please do try to target Twilight's three generals as well should they be accompanying her.

All methods of Humane Evolution Protocol via 001-045 are in effect from them. Live samples, dissected samples, are all allowed. As per 004, forced manual reproduction of subjects via both artificial (004-A) or true manual (004-B) are allowed. If at most, 032 states that the subjects can be rendered into a vegetative state for continued sample collection or breeding. One way or another, we will figure out how to use their blood to advance the evolution of humans. As was our goal.

RAMROD-23 is still in effect. All efforts for the C.A.A. to create their own hybrids, nomen “Domination Rex” and “Domination Raptor” have been ceased and moles in place are continuing to jar main hybridizations.

RAMROD-24 is compromised. With the Prototypes being grown and developed on a foreign and uncontrolled ark, all efforts are being made to diverge into the specific ARK's technological network to infiltrate the equipment in the lab gestating the prototypes' two eggs to cause critical termination failure and irradiation of research. Efforts ongoing.

Addendum Reminder: 7 months ago we encountered a new hybrid created by rogue researcher Dr. Renae Trice for New Genesis, codenamed “Keter”, composition of various Cryptid DNA. Subject battled against Epsilon, Carniphobia, but as predicted, incompetence of New Genesis faculty has led to their only advantage being destroyed as their own creation quickly turned on them.

Carniphobia was brought in and as of live alteration per AKTVE-Evo Project, Carniphobia was put under stasis and its biological makeup was re-arranged on a molecular level. Further reinforcements from genera “Nigerien Firespitter” and “Crichtonsaurus” were added to help with durability. Various species, IE Orca, False Killer Whale, Chimpansee, Empusa discipulus, were used to help Carnaphobia cognitive abilities. The creature now has cognitive levels that surpass even Shadowlord weapon types. Pentaceratops and Becklespinax, as well as Velonasaur and Managarmr were studied for elemental adaptations,with finalized genomes Pentaceratops, Becklespinax, and Managarmr being added to augment Epsilon's elemental fire-based properties. Epsilon's flame now burns at a hotter level and has surpassed standard flame into raw elemental plasma, exact to those fired from element-based weaponry and artillery.

Element-based weaponry has shown an extremely positive effect against Keter during the last encounter, with Keter suffering grave wounds from Element rounds of TEK Rifles and Railguns, Turrets, etc.

As of 2 weeks ago, Keter was sent by New Genesis a last time, being set free, to facility 28, my facility, and location of my dear child, Epsilon. Diversion tactic worked as intended, with Keter's aggression easily swayed into charging the intended direction. Keter charged right into an awaiting Epsilon who fired upon Keter with her new plasma-based flame. Keter was incinerated, the initial blast vaporizing 40% of the creature's overall bodymass and killing it in the first hit. Epsilon was then instructed to incinerate the rest, and nothing was left behind. The creature's regenerative properties posed too great a risk to keep around. New Genesis's database has been hacked as per intel staff, and all data on Keter has been harvested and wiped from New Genesis systems.


-I stress the point of our current operations. We were lax with Carniphobia and we must not get this way again. The genes from my dear student's daughters and wife must be harvested for our, and my child's, own evolution. Carniphobia must be engineered to be the most powerful life form in our world, save for humanity itself. Find and secure the subjects at all cost.

Another reminder, as to why my child remains so loyal: as per my specifications. Do recall, I had Epsilon's embryo inserted to my own womb to carry out maximum maternal imprinting and loyalty. I am Epsilon's mother and she will always be my dear, sweet daughter. The importance of Project Alpha's results were to create an egg small enough that I could still carry until full term and then birth via Cesarean section. I carried the egg close to me as it grew externally and as you know, even since birth, Epsilon has viewed me as her mother. I am her mother, and none of this will change. I have contemplated rearing more children, but more Epsilon individuals may make my dear Epsilon a little jealous, albiet, her social networking is at expected capacity, and she bonds easily with all animals. I want to hear no more from lower down about a 'need' to mass-produce Epsilon specimens. This is final. Only the finest of the human genome can rear Epsilon effectively.

That is all. For those of you without P.A.N.T.H.E.O.N. Clearance, this message is through. For those with, see below by revealing the extended file. As per protocol, mimetic kill agent will be deployed as soon as the link is opened: all those who are not set per resistance will be killed.

- Dea High Commander, Arielle Spektor.”/


Pantheon Addendum 252 -

/-Attempting to open file


/-Continued Signs of Life detected

/-Welcome .P.A.N.T.H.E.O.N. Staff

/-Pantheon Addendum 252

“It appears the dear Doctor has tried to escape yet again. Have we not crushed her will enough? Send some of the goons to violate her for all I care, she must learn her place. Though do remember that I hold her dearly due to how she treated me. She evaded us until her unfortunate accidental death via vehicular malfunction in the past years, and she was only hidden on the arks from us until 1 year after her arrival on her ark. I did not waste so much time tracking apprehending Arielle Spektor simply for these frequent escapes. Do remind the good doctor of her place. We would not be here if it were not for her. Her work has made my dear child a success...and isn't that what she wanted as well? Indeed, her original project, Laramidia, was...doubtful, but she needed a nudge in the right direction. One we politely gave her here on the arks.

Do keep her hidden from lower level staff. I didn't go through so much surgery and alteration myself to look and sound identical to the dear doctor for no reason. After all, it's not I who is to be responsible for the birth of these beautiful creatures- it is she who should be. As far as Jason and the C.A.A knows, Arielle has betrayed them as a core member of S.P.E.K.T.O.R. All along, and that is how it must stay. Tighten security around her, break her more. I don't care what happens. Remember however she is not to be physically hurt or maimed in any way. Do that and I will terminate you myself. After all...she and I are one in the same, though she refuse to admit it. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her either....the good doctor, as we all know, has a dark side of research herself... did you think she started working on the human genome as 'humanely' as she did at first?...well, as far as dear Jason is concerned she did...

...which reminds me, why does he seem so invested in that demon? I figured the blonde bimbo or the oriental prodigy he grew up with would have been enough, but he's marked them as siblings instead. Perhaps something drew him to her? I cannot tell as of yet. I could alter myself to be his perfect woman- do see if you can capture my dear student alive, hmm? I believe a bit of mental reprogramming can get him to have a nice...mature crush for his old teacher once more. I may not have been then, but I am definitely a mother now, and I can make myself as appealing to him as he desires.

The world birthed me same as anyone, but denied me my right to life and happiness.

I will not stand for this. I have seen firsthand the power that mankind can have on his own evolution. We made god, we killed him, we can rip the tools from his cold, dead hands. We are the gods who forge our own destiny. We will evolve into the perfect creature. All of those who call our efforts of evolution 'inhumane' cannot understand the concept, as they themselves are not truly human. We must push forwards and destroy all that dare threaten our evolution, as we did from cells, to fish, to mammals, apes, and man. We will not die. We will only evolve.

Praise Dea Arielle,

For God created man,

Man re-created god,

Man killed god,

Man created the Goddess,

and the Goddess leads man to Victory.

Revelations of Genesis is nigh, my dear Pantheon.

- Dea High Commander, Arielle Spektor.”/


State of Affairs (ARK 258), Prototype 2 Clearance -

{{{{{{{{[Welcome Authorized .C.A.A. Member]}}}}}}}

/-Loading File: State of Affairs, Prototype 2 clearance (Date 5/18)

/-Subject: State of Affairs (ARK 258), Prototype 2 clearance

/-Message {Aut. G.S.R. Midori Rei)}: “Greetings all. I've had much to report, so please be attentive.

I forget what it's like to be in a truly active warzone sometimes. Jason has sped up efforts with Twilight and their friends here on this ark to lead the final pushes against their enemy- when that's done, that means Twilight and her forces will finally be coming down to Earth to assist us with the Last Bastion project.

Twilight's smug as ever. She's confident that she won't even need to raise a finger and the enemy will be crushed. I'm...not so sure, as is Jason, but the confidence is contagious. It's just like as we've seen in the C.A.A: but with different factors and variables involved. When people band together, incredible things result.

However, I have cause for concern. It is Twilight herself.

As you know, her personality is...well, cocky and royal, to say the least. I was pleased to have her as an observe to the Prototype-1 creation, and that went well. Hell, Jason's egg hatched twins, and I myself ended up raising the unexpected third prototype. I have named mine Gahria, Jason's is named Sobek, and Twilight's is named Rivinirris. They have all reached adult stage and are performing beyond expectation.

However the problem comes from a recent discussion of ours. As you know, the aim of the hybrid project is to create humane and safe hybrids to counter the corrupted, Neo-Genesis, and primarily S.P.E.K.T.O.R.'s hybrids. A true means to Arielle Spektor's original dream. However, Twilight had made the following statement:

“It's clear we know what we're doing. Our 'prototypes' proved to be just as good as what we expected our actual hybrid results to be, right? Well we need to then actually aim for what we intend to create eventually, instead of just 'proof of concept'. The... 'UberSpinosaurus' have proved useful still, but we need something with more...fighting potential. More built with actual combat potential intended as the first and most important goal going in.”

In other words....weapons.

She wanted a weapon.

Just like S.P.E.K.T.O.R.

I immediately declined her and voiced my disapproval. What we do isn't create inhumane bioweapons of war. We create hybrids as counter-measures against the corrupted and our enemies. We don't make weapons.

“I'm sorry for being blunt dear,” she told me. “But that's exactly what you've been planning to do. Like it or not, building hybrids to take down your enemies- be it 'bad hybrids' or not- is still building a weapon. You're using it for benevolent reasons, yes, but you're still building a bioweapon of war. There's no sugar-coating it. You're doing the exact same as your enemies- but with correct intentions. You've already seen what a few people who misuse the tools can make...and while it's impressive, just imagine what could be made by people who actually know what the hell they're doing? You're still building a weapon. But the reason why you make that weapon- and in our case, how you treat them- makes all the difference. I'm sorry sweetie, but you've been the very thing you've sworn to destroy and be since the beginning. You can't make a weapon, use it to fight your enemies, and then not call it a weapon. Like it or not, but you're walking in S.P.E.K.T.O.R.'s footsteps. We just need to get a move on.”

...I didn't like it, but she's right. We are making weapons of war. Not S.P.E.K.T.O.R.'s, but...weapons regardless.

However who's to say SHE of all people should be one to spearhead a genome project?!

She's literally the snarkiest, bitchiest person I know of! If there's anybody other than S.P.E.K.T.O.R.'s leader who I'd say is safe to say has a fucking God Complex, it's Twilight. I mean, yeah, it's hard not to for her granted all she's been through for so long, but I believe, as mature and responsible as she is in many critical values, that she does not have the psychological or moral ethics or maturity to handle god's literal tools of creation. Knowing who and what she is, I just can't trust her, Jason's wife or not. I thought Jason would likely side with her and approve of her- which he did- but he actually believes Twilight is responsible and moral enough to do what she plans on doing. I...guess that's alright. He's...literally the one person closest to her than anybody else. I mean...he has two adorable little girls with her and...well, Twilight and Jason are probably one of the happiest and most content of couples I've ever seen. I...guess Twilight might still be trying to truly find herself. She....has finally let her mask fall in many regards, but that mask has shaped the true person behind that who she once was. Gone is the quiet, reserved, meek Twilight of yesteryear and in her place is a woman who has a royal attitude, a massive bitch complex, and an absolutely massive ego. Granted she's...still the same, but I don't think that quiet little social outcast I've heard of from Dea is ever coming back. She's...benefitted, strangely, from her twisted and...extremely cruel “teaching”. But she's learned confidence, pride, determination...and much more. Maybe...too much, but....yeah. I'll admit...she's still sweet even today, and she's a fine person, but...I don't know. I just can't trust her fully on the subject yet.

...she's smart though, so....i know she's likely smart enough to do the right thing. I...finally gave her that IQ-Test...the one based with element-era technology. I had scored 520...

...Twilight scored 475.

...i couldn't believe it. Despite everything I'd heard and seen of Twilight...well, as she herself nonchalantly said....

“well, there it is.”

...I don't get it. Twilight can remember massive, complex military strategies and even the most scant of information from years ago, especially if it's of her home. She knows practically all of her home's native languages and can speak them fluently, and the same goes for basically every one of our own languages she's picked up on her own time here on the arks. It's....incredible. Yes, I can remember my own scant details and such, but none to the extent of Twilight. At first, I thought she was faking the IQ scores so that she wouldn't upset me...but that's when it hit me.


...I myself, my time before the arks included, have been around for just over 250 years. But her? She's been around 5,000 years or so. Much longer time to amass knowledge and remember things. To accumulate information and “stretch her mental muscles” if you will. She's not got a higher mental processing than me- she's just had much longer to learn and use her own brain.

That's why I always felt like she could be smarter than me. She's just used more of her own mind.... I actually wonder what i'd be like if I ever got to that point....

...I should really give Twilight more credit, I suppose.

… If it's at any rate, we've had less arguments since then and are getting along well... I approved her request at Prototype2- Combat Potential.

Genome Primary is Smok saurovindico with secondary primary as Ceratosaurus.

Other Genome includes Fasolasuchus and Deinosuchus (proven to work with dermal armor before, which Ceratosaurus sp. Has), Yangchuanosaurus xiaolongi once again, and an interesting choice of Dracorex. I suppose she's after the pachycephalosaur's venomous bite and fire-breathing tendencies...after all, she threw in another unique gene- one from her home- a species of dragon known for leaving intense pools of fire from its breath and having armored scales so dense it was comparable to metal. I wonder if she's trying to intensify the dermal armor and firebreath already potentially present in the base genome. That or...she's trying to see if genes of her home and ours can mix.

Whatever it is, I wish her the best for it.

This prototype may take a while, but she's's step we've been needing to take.

When things are done here, jason and I will return to resume aid to you all on the Last Bastion project... and then eventually, Twilight and others will follow about a month later. That's when we must move. We have two enemies in our way- and one major, kaiju-sized foe we still have to deal with.

At least now, for once, we actually have a fighting chance.

I've started drawing in the downtime helps ease my nerves.

I've sent a pair of attached files. One with Jason being “barked” at by twilight and another of one of his daughters...the adorable little one actually stood still for a bit so I could get her pose and facial features while she was making the most innocent and goofy, pure face I'd ever seen on a child. I didn't think kids could be so adorable.

For now, keep up the defense and construction at Last Bastion. We'll be there soon.

--G.S.R. Rei (CN: Wraith)"/


Attached file

-/Filename: "C.S.M"

-/Descr: "Sometimes i forget how good jason looks."


Attached File

-/Filename: "Little One."

-/Descr: "I swear to god i didn't think I'd meet children so sweet. And this is just one of two. I think i'm going to get cavities just being near them. How can you not find her adorable?!"


Midori Rei - Personal Artwork -

Open Backdoor found, loading.....

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-Welcome, G.S.R. Midori Rei-

->Folder: Personal Artwork

Filename: SelfPortrait.png

"How long has it been since i've been able to properly take care of my hair?

With it being as long as it is, It needs a lot more care to properly keep it healthy for the length i like it at. It's just above my ankles as i drew this. I remember i used to have it a bit more spread, but i dont exactly have the fluffy mane that Lucielle does. People of my heritage have hair that grows differently. I suppose i prefer silk over cotton, anyway.

Reminder: Invent makeshift hair supplies that work for our current standing in the Last Bastion project. Profit and patent later.

...the more i fight for earth the more i realize the apocalypse is gonna bring about a trade-right patent war as soon as a proper economy gets set back up.

Better stake my claim while i can."


Filename: Lucielle.png

"Lucielle Sherren. I met this blond tomboy when i was six.

I remember being bullied by higher grade students on the playground when this girl my age suddenly barges in and starts beating the snot out of kids older than her. When the dust settles, I'm not the only one crying and she's broken a nose or two.

Lucielle's practically my sister from another mother. We balance each other out a lot more than people would think. A lot of people think she's this crazy blond tomboy with strength beyond most men- and she is- but she's a lot more. She's really the ultimate big sister persona. She's wild, that's true- but she's also very wise and clever. Somebody who will always have your back and the perfect person to confide in. She's a lot more freespirited, but at the same time, i've seen few have a more iron will then her.

I suppose especially on the ARK network, the fact we've remained this close is a testament as our bond as friends- well, in truth, sisters- and i'm thankful for it. Over two hundred years after i meet her, and she can still surprise me, and make me laugh my ass off.

I'll always have your back for having mine, sis. From help with homework then, to dating to fighting for our home. I guess you were right. It really is us against the world.

I'm glad i have you, Lucielle."


Filename: Stoic.png

"Saenyra amiti. She's one of Twilight's generals. Here in the C.A.A., she's an Administrative-level staff (High-Class Admin, like myself) with the codename "Pokerface."

Why's that? Well, Jason was right. I've never seen somebody so emotionless in my life. Well, that's being insulting to her really.

Her tone is pretty flat, and her attitude usually is as well. However i will state that that makes this Insidious Eminence far from being unable to read. It's pretty easy to tell often when you're around her long enough, her mood. The pitch doesn't change, but the word structure's the same. Joy, anger, the whole works- it's there, you just need to pay a bit more attention.

She's a pretty sharp mind and a very close 'childhood' friend of Twilight. Then again, her generals and her have always been a sort of sisterly threesome. I remember one of the few times i actually saw Saenyra get emotional was when the twins were born, after all. Well, that and the twins themselves. They're really the only two who can get this woman to actually smile.

She helps Lucielle mostly on the military front. After all she IS a pyrian war general. On another note, she has a fondness for reptiles and other "scaled" creatures. Most of her personal creatures are things like dragons and wyverns, as well as those 'Ash Plume' rock drakes. Though she's been expanding a bit since coming down to earth, so she does help in certain research fields at times, and her knowledge in her preferred creatures is phenomenal.

Always goes to show you: never judge a book by it's cover."








-Booted manually via G.S.R. Rei personal anti-viral software

-Awaiting connection opportunity....

{{{{{[End Session]}}}}}}}

Subject: Hybrid-01 -

Welcome C. A. A. Administrator

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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{[Positive ID]}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

-Welcome, G.S.R. Midori Rei-

-Subject: Hybrid-01

"Well i suppose with Prototype-01 a success & Domination Rex as well, it was only a matter of time before we tried going full throttle on our counter-weapons against S.P.E.K.T.O.R. and New Genesis. Here comes the first of our very own true Hybrid Projects. In my mentor's name, we'll prove her research correct.

Now where to begin?

Well, Lucielle herself had the idea. "We already did Domination Rex. Let's double down and do another one."

suppose until we came up with our own originality, after all. What did Lucielle and Jackal say again? "C.A.A. Succeeds through Memes and Sheer Force?" Well, 'Memes and Sheer Force' has pulled through several times, so i guess i can't blame them. What's the practicality of combining the body plans of such drastic creatures, however? I figure the base similarities will need to be fairly accurate if this is to work. A Ceratopsid and Stegosaurid are two very different was tough picking our parent species. I finally settled on Eotriceratops & Chungkingosaurus: both are extremely powerful combat herbivores of the ARK Network. Chungkingosaurus, while defensive, packs a surprising bit of offense, and Eotriceratops is nothing but offense. Both are fast, agile for their size, and have osteoderm armor.

Projected outcome: Subject should be adept at both defensive and offensive combat, being able to both hold the line & push it forward with relative ease. My main goal will be to make the venomous effects of Chungking not also persist, but pass on to the ceratopsid's horns as well. With Eotrike's jumping ability & Chungking's surprising charging speed, wouldn't be surprised if its agility was unparalleled for its size.

This will be the toughest challenge yet in my bioenerineering career: but with Twilight and the others at my side... this will be only yet another victory."



Even though i call this thing "Hybrid-01", the others insist it get a proper name. I was thinking of codenames such as Bastion, Phalanx, and does need a name eventually, after all...

but Lucielle insists on calling the hybrid "Chunkyceratops" .....yeah, real original sis. Real original.

Guess it works for now, though."

Midori Rei - Personal Artwork 2 -

#???????Activity detected...

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-Welcome, G.S.R. Midori Rei-

->Folder: Personal Artwork

Filename: Smug.png

"Eilerris Ophan, Twilight's second general and another Dark Insidious Eminence. Her codename is Onca, which is the latin name and species name for jaguars.

She's pretty happy-go-lucky most of the time, and of Twilight's two childhood friend-generals, she's much easier to openly relate and bond with than Saenyra- no offense to Ms.Stoic over there. It's no wonder Eilerris, Lucielle and Lilith (Administrator identified: "Lilith Sherren"= Codename: Ishtar C.A.A. G.F.O: General of Field Operations.) get along so well. I mean, Lilith is Lucielle's close cousin (more like a sister tbh, and she's the same with me) so that's expected. The two are nearly identical.

Digressing, Eilerris works much of the same as Saenyra. Field work, assorted administrative positions, paperwork... oh, and she has a critter quirk like Saenyra. If anything is fluffy- furred specifically over feathers- its the cutest thing in the world to her. She spoils the crap out of every single pet of hers, her ideal pets being the Origin Manticore species we've found on the ark network. I shit you not her strongest one is named "Sir Fluffington" and i've caught her baby-talking it while grabbing its cheeks and mane on several of an occasion.

One time i watched her do this for fifteen minutes before i made my presence known. That was fun.

Regardless, it's nice to have another positive face around here.


Filename: DragonKing.Png

"Pyria's dragonkings are something that are both expected and overwhelming at the same time, i suppose. We're all used to dragons in our own mythos having incredible power but it's something else when they're...well, ya know, real.

Then again we owe it Nautkinyrir for saving our ass for a while before Jason and Twilight came around... a Xolotl, i think he was named. Eventually he returned to Twilight's home ark of "Heresy", and that's when we met him- Lord Ensidion.

An Escadora. A male one at that- and i hear male Escadora are rare as hell. He's apparently older than Twilight, but her power dwarfs even his by a severe degree. Not that i'm going to degrade him any.

He's...not one to really talk much and it's hard to keep a conversation with him when he's not sleeping. Most of the time he keeps watch of Sanctuary and the wasteland high atop his skyscraper perch. He and I have hit it off pretty well, actually. It's mostly intelligent discourse, but i can tell both of us are intrigued by each other's knowledge.

So consider me stunned when I prep to go out and find him when i find him in Last Bastion in a humanoid form talking to twilight. Apparently Dragonkings can indeed assume this form with their high magic powers, but most apparently view it as "taboo", "disgraceful", etc- at least ones like Escadora. The reasons for him assuming this form more recently I'll leave to himself, but I feel it has something to do with Twilight and her twins. I've heard Twilight even jokingly refer to him as "Father" a few times.

Well, i have to say...i can see why all the female escadora get so riled when there's a male. God damn...


i guess it pays to have for all intents and purposes a dragon god watching your back. who can turn into a large-sized piece of eye candy...

...I'm not Lucielle, I'm not Lucielle..."


Filename: MeetYourSavior.png

"Twilight. Her full name is Ertossi Fredricka Zarielle.

Standing a little over seven feet tall, even without her true appearance she's intimidating. It's those damn eyes and her build. While she's extreme eye candy for...both her proportions and the fact she's also a very large lady, you can't forget she's more ripped than even Lucielle.

I don't even know where Ertossi's physical strength begins and where her magical strength ends...or begins or whatever!

Chopping gigas in half is an understatement. A simple punch from this woman can send a skyscraper of Sanctuary collapsing. From what I've heard from Dea, that's easy for her. We can't even start to scratch her magical abilities either.

From element to mana control and more, this woman is ferocious. Her fire burns hotter than plasma without being plasma itself, and she can suddenly freeze the entire air around herself in massive radii. She can copy herself to create a near-sentient battle partner as an extension of her will...oh...yeah, she can also absorb somebody's body and soul and effectively erase them from existence. There's that too... but hey, she made it snow in Sanctuary for Christmas time. that was fun.

Her species is called Lilim, a Dark-Oriented species which is practically one of the most powerful beings in the Dark-aligned forces of Pyria. If the legends are true, Dea's testimonies, and Twilight's feats i've seen myself...Lilim are capable of wiping continents off the map. Dea herself says Ertossi is the strongest Lilim she's ever seen, which surprises her even moreso due to the fact she's far from...well, "textbook evil"....

I guess if we need somebody to save us from the King Titan who's literally become a god at this point, it's Ertossi. She's the second strongest Pyrian entity we've seen (With Dea being first)..

..and yet why does Dea say this fight is Ertossi's destiny?...

perhaps it is a test for her...a test of redemption, knowing her.

Musings aside, Ertossi actually posed for this drawing. She wanted to show me her new "lounge wear" she made while she was resting with her Lilim features hidden.

...that woman could wear rags and make it look in style...


-Personal Artwork Closed

->Signing Off.

Entry Number 2853 "Awakening Reflections"

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-Welcome, D.H.C. Arielle Spektor-

->Opened Executable "Personal Journal"

->Entry Number 2853 "Awakening Reflections"

"“Doctor Arielle Spektor... your name was hailed in our time, wasn't it, mother? a sense, you are my mother. Yet you are also my sister...and we are also one in the same.

Why must you be so diluted? I would love to keep you alive and well for the new world which is to come, Arielle. I owe you my life and my sanity for our earlier years. I wonder if I would be as diluted as you, should you raised me from a child, like you said you heavily considered. I....would have liked that, Arielle. At times... I wonder if I'm in the wrong? Am I being too harsh?... Would I have understood easier if I were a child in your arms as you taught me the world, Arielle?

You...didn't have much control over my birth, Doctor. You were forced, and I understand... I was a curse put on you, but you tried so hard to turn me into your blessing, and you did. I wonder if I were a child, that blessing be magnified. Good Doctor...Twin Sister...Creator....

Why yourself?

Was it that you thought you knew who you truly were?

Your morals are ironclad, Arielle. Your sense of right and severely punished those that abused the genetic code, Doctor. I understand your anger...and you know as well. The Hybrids here in Spektor, while Drastic, also follow your Humane Protocols of Artificial Evolution. God's Law of Creation. I remember it well, I read every page, just like Jason and Midori. I agree with you completely, Arielle. I'm sorry if either I'm not seeing straight... or maybe I see more clearly than you?

Is that why you chose yourself to be cloned?

As soon as Baiji's cells were cultured and you had your first viable sample...

your sponsors...those governments...

they demanded that you pursue a human cloning project, lest your funds be cut. So much for your own creative freedom, Doctor?

You chose yourself due to your morals... you figured that if your clone could be their own entity, yet think alike, she would understand and comply.

Verily Doctor, I do. I do intensely.

Your mind, your cells... but you altered me.

I didn't look like you, only vaguely.

You, of Russian descent in the United States...

me, who seemed Latina. You managed to change that much of my genetic makeup to allow me to have a sense of identity. When I grew, I grew different than you. A different ethnic build, different bodily proportions...different hair and eye colors...

and yet, I was you, and you were me.

And how we loved each other.

When I awoke as an adult, I knew who you were, and I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you. Like a child in her mother's womb, I could hear your voice as I rested and I recognized you. The testing was brief...but I had much the same knowledge as you did even though I was only a few hours old... a few immune hiccups here and there...i know I was sick off and on. You said I was the first adult you've ever seen with chickenpox, correct? I knew as you worried, that one instance made you smile. Pleased was I when I heard you managed to wrangle free of your sponsors and truly start on your own. It was that time I met your students. Jason, Midori, and their close family and friends. I worked with you, them, changing history and discovering our reality. We grew closer to God by understanding how he made us all.

Doctor, those were my happiest of days.

And yet...


Why was my world limited?

The world seemed perfect only when I was with you. At your house, the lab, with Jason and his was safe, it was warm.

I entered into the world...

and all I saw was hatred, disgust, violence. Neighbors hurling curses at one another, countries shaking hands with daggers behind their How could you tell me that humanity had done so much good, and yet this is what I was born into? How was this possible, Arielle? Is this the curse of Free Will? That the value of Right and Good only comes when we have Wrong and Evil? One cannot be defined without the other, but...why? Why does humanity prefer Wrong over Right, when they can clearly know what they're doing is wrong? Why do they think they can get away with it? That is why the people of Diana's earth clashed. There were dwindling resources caused by the arrogance of man, and then they warred intensely, destroying all they had left.

God...I don't think he's dead, Arielle. I believe the scriptures. God weeps for his children. Back in the days of His greatest disciples, when His Son walked the Earth...

The world knew, and feared him. Rome forsook their stolen gods and bowed to Him immediately under His Son's grace. At the time, all of the known world feared Him, and knew Him, and loved Him. That was a time, while barbaric in many ways, people clearly knew what was and wasn't right. Now, with him gone... I understand, Arielle. This is as I call the Folly of Man. It be not sin, it's a side effect of Free Will. God is no longer among us, so there is none actively in front of us or around us to judge us of our sins. Man is not afraid of their fellow man. They believe they can cheat, deceive, and kill those who would oppose or judge them...

Man behaved when God walked on the land, for they knew they could do nothing against Him. He was a Judge they could never touch, so they feared Him. When He left, Free Will- the ability to choose- remained. We chose to do wrong for God was not present, and we feared not our fellow man. That is the Folly of Man, Arielle. While mankind having Free Will is not wrong, Mankind needs someone to direct and punish them. They need a God. It was God's Folly to leave us...His folly alone... He puts too much faith in us, Arielle. I know that putting one's faith in mankind can be an incredible thing, for you and Jason are correct. Mankind when they put their qualms aside...they can be just as powerful, or seem to be, as God Himself. However...that is not the case entirely. Not when man is this flawed. Mankind needs not a director, but a guardian. A God.

I must be that God, Arielle.

I know few in S.P.E.K.T.O.R. agree with me in this, but this is something I shall deal with. As you know, I purge them in time, Dear Doctor. I am sorry I can be so zealous, Doctor. I love you, I love my world, I love humanity! I love them enough that I simply cannot let them fall. When I died, that is exactly what happened. With the ARK network and Genesis Simulation, this can now be accomplished! I can live forever as God Amongst Men! The King Titan believes that he is the solution...the end all, the destroyer of humanity and earth. The final punisher, the executor... he is wrong. He is a devil. It is I who shall save and judge mankind. If only I could get our dear friends to understand that...

Who would win?

A colossal, godlike mutant brought on by a parasitic material?

Or a sultry demoness?

If the Queen of Ravencliff, Treyour Ackerman (Decode identified. “Treyour Ackerman”= Codename: Dea.) is to be believed, it is the demoness. Ertossi...

Her power terrifies me, Doctor. All of Pyria terrifies me. Divines sometimes do not always live up to their name... and the fact there are so many powerful dark entities... it is one thing in fiction, another in reality.

Does Jason and Treyour...

all of them...

Truly believe a Devil is the key to saving the world from another Devil?

He...they... they must all be under some sort of spell, right? How can one who is conceptually born, powered, and shrouded by Darkness do any good? I dare not say Humanity is inherently evil...nay, Doctor. I say we are Inherently Ambivalent. We don't care about things unless it is what's in it for us, and what we may want is often wrong- frequently wrong. How can Jason trust her? She's a Lilim, correct? Lilim of Pyria are evolved from Succubus. Succubus! Temptress demons who persuade and seduce all around them! THAT is inherently true! In both our realities! She's simply in it for pride and power. She cannot be allowed to rule!

Arielle... Dear doctor...

I remember, full well, the name you gave me.


I was the first of my kind, and your first daughter... I was a milestone, a unique named me, and treated me, deserving of such a sacred name...

I am sorry, Doctor. I am no Eve. I am not the mother of anything....

You are mother.

Eve cannot save her people from themselves. Eve is not God. Forgive and understand, mother...but I cannot be Eve. I go now by Christine. After Christ, after God. I shall bring salvation to our people. Please, understand that.

I, Christine, shall slay Ertossi, Queen of Heresy. When her battle comes, it will be either her or the King Titan. When they are weak, I shall strike.

I know your concerns, child, the Carniphobia powerful as she is, even she struggles against the titans. Even she has not the power to fight Ertossi. However, I speak not of my child. I speak of I, myself, Doctor.




Please, understand. I love you, I wish for your safety. I apologize for what I put you through.

But I must have the power to overcome all adversities to humanity. I must become an Ultimate Life-Form, a Perfect Being. The Perfect Creator. God Herself.

And you know what, Doctor?

Thanks to you...

I can see now, the methods in which I am to acquire that strength.

And two of them have been inside me all along...

->Entry Saved

->Closing Personal Journal

->Signing Off.

Subject: Hybrid-02

Welcome C.A.A. Administrator

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-Welcome, G.S.R. Midori Rei-

->Subject: Hybrid-02

Things are going well with current genetic testing. The C-Type hybrids developed by Catherine are proving to be just as powerful as expected. Then again she's another close friend and my colleague. If anybody was going to figure out hybrids outside of S.P.E.K.T.O.R. and us, it was her. Thankfully she follows my mentor's teachings. Hybrid-C-01 is finished and with Hybrid-C-02 in production phase, i'll need to flex my own muscles. Spektor recently sent Typhon to pollute our food stockpiles when we were dealing with the Forest Titan, and now most of our strongest creatures not owned by administration are now out of commission for god knows how long. So for now, I'm speeding up Hybrid-01 production. No missed steps i assure you, but im tired of being pushed around by Spektor. Now we move onto Hybrid-02

Defense is just as good as offense. Sometimes, the best defense is a great offense, or vice versa. What are the ARK network's best defensive animals?

Sauropods come to mind. As a whole, most of them are extremely clumsy. However don't let size fool you. Brontosaurus's strikes are nearly as powerful as a Rex's bite and covers a much wider range: making it an excellent defender. Shunosaurus is surprisingly powerful as well, and a group of them lashing with their tails will send any creature reeling. Then there's Apatosaurus: a sauropod who says "Screw you for saying i'm fat" and is an actual offense-based sauropod who can break into a full sprint. " "Then there's Ankylosaurs and Nodosaurs. No creature has better armor. Sauropelta is truly a living shield, Euplocephalus is a siege engine and mining machine all in one. Then let's not forget Crichtonsaurus over there with its blade-like tail club and the fact they literally take no damage from projectiles. The only problem is that most of them, minus Euplocephalus and Sauropelta, are slow.

So let's change that.
Hybrid-02 i dub "Shunocephalus", but don't let the name fool you. This is a three-part hybrid with Shunosaurus as the base, Euplocephalus as a major genetic parent, and Apatosaurus as another. Apatosaurus's surprising mobility will make this subject essential at quickly moving around the battlefield to take positions, as well as the sauropod's surprising offensive aggression. Shunosaurus acts as the bridge between Euplo and Apato, sharing features with both, and then Euplocephalus adds the durability and weaponry. Thanks to holographic programing provided by Helena and HLN-A, i can use this to visualize my idea based on our Hybrid principles.

If all things go as planned, Hybrid-02 which i dub "Project Titan" or "Titan" (Chunkyceratops- damnit lucielle- is "Project Phalanx") should have armor that surpasses even Marauder. The concept is it'll be able to change its hormones to change its abilities and temperament. When Euplocephalus is channeled, Shunocephalus will be slower, but have higher resistances. Yet with a flick of adrenaline, Shunocephalus embraces the aggression of its Apatosaurus ancestors and becomes fast and powerful, at the cost of resistance.

This should enable Titan to out-tank an enemy in a more defensive state, then swap to a much more aggressive one to quickly finish the job..."


Arkos Subjects 1 & 2

{{{{{{{{[Welcome Authorized .C.A.A. Member]}}}}}}}

/-Loading File: Arkos Project Prelude

/-Subject: Arkos Subjects 1 & 2

/-Message {Aut. G.S.R. Midori Rei)}

"We weren't making hybrids off the bat of course. Most of our alleged prototypes were actual fronts. The only real ones were the 'Domination' line of hybrids. Our actual prototyping began much earlier: with a bit of a classified project known as the Arkos (or ARKos) Project. The premise was simple: to study genetic modification by examining how the ARKs handled it, based on guidelines of the Terran Federation and the URE. Why did it make Tyrannosaurus dominum the brute that it is? Giganotosaurus furiousa the living monster it is? Triceratops styrax? Draconis obscuram? So on, so forth. Did these changes need to be made? What would've happened if another route was taken? Why can't more....'normal' creatures survive fine on the arks, with some assistance?

Take for instances Arkos Subject 1, Terrance. Terrance is a Rex- correction, Tyrannosaurus dominum- owned by Jason. He's practically normal to a standard Rex, minus his coat of plumage down his back. In our time, it was almost certain Rex had feathers despite its size, according to our study of the fossil record. Yutyrannus saevus is practically just as large and handles feathers fine, so surely the heat argument wasn't the reason why T.dominum doesn't have feathers. Were they removed stylistically? The plan was simple: is a feathered rex really a detriment, or can it exist properly? We had to dig into the T.dominum genome and remove some alterations, supplementing them when needed with Y.saevus. As many in the C.A.A. can see, Terrance is no different than any other rex aside from this aesthetic change. We've noticed the down helps with thermal regulation for the rider, but that's practically it.

Then came Subject 2, a bit of a gift I had done with Catherine for Jason. S.aquareliga...why is it quadropedal? That theory was outdated largely by our time back on the S.aquareliga body plan that needed? Surely not: granted Oxalaia dacia and more importantly Siamosaurus impulsalacerti.

So we took the Spinosaurus genome of the network and carefully tweaked it. We needed as pure a gene as possible, and only outsourced the gaps from family. O.dacia, S.impulsalacerti, I.nothus, I.oceanus and S.consilii were the ones i recall pulling from. The resulting species i named after my dear brother- Spinosaurus antonii. It's very similar to the actual S.aegypticus species, though much larger. It's taller than both T.dominum and S.aquareliga, but similar in length. As for other features...much to my admitted pride, it's the same in durability as the ARKs' S.aquareliga, with much of the same resistances, strengths, and durability. While it's slower, that's hardly relevant. Thanks to its purified genes, S.antonii has aquatic affinity S.aquareliga can only dream of. On top of that, it has its own varied flexibility that makes it a powerful jack of all trades. While its bites are powerful, drastically moreso are its quick arm strikes. Its snout is also able to give sweeping strikes to keep targets at bay, and its tail strikes are wonderful for targets behind itself. I'd argue that i have superceeded S.aquareliga...but that speed is something hard to pass up, even for maximum coverage and water affinity. Plus, i'd insult Sorna: and the poor girl doesn't need such teasing. At least she's getting along very well with Nublar- that's Jason's S.antonii. I'd have to place him among jason's strongest creatures now...

There were at least six other stages in the Arkos Project, but their relevancy to the current shall be stored for future use. With the current mole in the C.A.A. there is, i can't take any chances."