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Lore in Additional Creatures is few and far between, but still present. The following information is gathered primarily through lore dumps on official discord, as well as occasionally other sources such as species synopses.

The C. A. A.

The C. A. A., or Cross-ARK-Alliance/Cross-ARK-Allegiance, is an organization whose objective is to reclaim the Earth from the corruption that has caused the ARK’s to occur in the first place. Their ideals are built on unification of the human race and putting aside all inner-species conflicts. Having existed for at least 205 years, the C. A. A. has been co-run for 200 of those years by Jason Antony, Lucielle Sherren, and Midori Rei.

There are various individuals known within the C. A. A. –

Jason Antony

Jason Antony – Codename: Temperance - Co-Owner and Command Sergeant Major of the C. A. A. He known to act as a mediator in the C. A. A. to “balance out” the other two co-owners of the C. A. A. He is the discoverer of the original Carnaphobia species, and the apprentice of the founder of The Humane Hybridization Theory. Husband of Twilight, who he has bared two children with, and best friend of Midori Rei and Lucielle Sherren. Currently raising one of the Prototype-1 specimens, which he named Sobek.

Midori Rei

Midori Rei – Codename: Wraith – Co-Owner and General of Science and Research of the C. A. A. She is noted for her high intelligence, being potentially its smartest individual outside of Ertossi.

Is in charge of all the scientific research that takes place in the C. A. A. Her personality was stated to be rather proper, at least in comparison to Lucielle Sherren. She was given the unexpected twin of Jason Antony's Prototype-1 egg, which she raised and named Gahria. Best friend of Jason Antony and Lucielle Sherren, the latter of which she grew up with in her youth.

Lucielle Sherren

Lucielle Sherren – Codename: Vermillion – Co-Owner and General of Military and Tactics of the C. A. A. She is the head of all military operations in the C. A. A., particularly in their fight against The Corruption, S. P. E. K. T. O. R., and New Genesis. She is a tomboy whose personality is known to be rather chaotic or “colorful” compared to Midori Rei, but extremely loyal and supportive to those she believes in. Best friend of Jason Antony and Midori Rei, the latter of which she grew up with in her youth.

Helena Walker – Codename: Darwin – Most notable in ARK’s main storyline, she is known to be last surviving member of Homo deus. While not exactly clear how, she is known to use her powers to greatly aid the C. A. A. in their goals and operatives. She is also known to monitor the ARK internally.

Ertossi Fredricka Zarielle


Ertossi Fredricka Zarielle – Codename: Twilight – Ertossi is one of the most notable individuals in the C. A. A., having high knowledge, power, and regard. Ertossi is not human, but is instead a Lilim, a race in Pyria known to use dark mana, akin to the Dark Race, but are arguably more powerful. She is the oldest C. A. A. member, being over 5,000 years old, and this complements her extreme intelligence, rivaling and potentially exceeding Rei. She is the creator of the Prototype-1 specimens. She is one of the strongest members of the C. A. A., having extreme feats of both physical and supernatural power, even for a Lilim. These feats include….

-Chopping giganotosaurus in half

-Collapsing entire buildings in a single punch with minimal effort

-Complete control over local climate and weather

-Complete control over the elements and mana

-Can create an extensional clone of herself

-Can absorb and erase souls

Dea testifies that she can cause calamities single-handedly.


In terms of appearance, Ertossi is very tall and voluptuous, but is known to be quite blunt, and overtime she’s became more and more arrogant. Regardless, she is seen as a vital member of the C. A. A., and plans to play a center role in the downfall of both S. P. E. K. T. O. R. and the King Titan. She is also dubbed the "Queen of Heresy", with "Heresy" in question being another ARK, seeming populated with Pyria life. She is the wife of Antony, and they have bared two children. These two children were noted to grow at a very fast rate, and grew in intelligence greater than a child their age should have. This is most likely due to Ertossi being a Lilim. S. P. E. K. T. O. R. in particular views Ertossi as a mountainous threat, so there are plans to capture both her and her children and study them.

Mhyrlene - Daughter of Ertossi and Antony.

Saenrya Amiti

Saenrya Amiti - Codename: Pokerface - Saenrya Amiti is a high-class military general within the C. A. A. She is not human, and is instead a Dark Insidious Eminence, a female member of the Dark Race native to Pyria. She works under Lucielle, and Ertossi is one of her closest friends. She is most known for her extremely stern and "emotionless" personally. This front only seems to falter around Ertossi's children. She is noted for being very passionate about draconian creatures, and being a Pyrian war general.


Eilerris Ophan

Eilerris Ophan - Codename: Onca - Eilerris Ophan is a general of the C. A. A., working under Ertossi. She is not human, and is instead a Dark Insidious Eminence, a female member of the Dark Race native to Pyria. She is known for her rather quirky and optimistic personality, in direct contrast with Saenrya, and is known to be good friends with Lucielle and her generals. She is very passionate about large furred animals, and takes particular care in these types of tames.

Lilith Sherren - Codename: Ishtar - Lilith is the General of Field Operations at the C. A. A., working under Lucielle. She is Lucielle's cousin, and they are known to be very similar, in both appearance and personality.

Treyour Ackerman - Codename: Dea - An individual of relative mystery but seemingly high importance. She is dubbed the "Queen of Ravencliff", although exactly what and where Ravencliff is is unknown. She is also known as the strongest individual in the C. A. A. to exist, even stronger than Ertossi.

Catherine - Codename:??? - She's known to be a close friend to Rei, and a fellow colleague. She's the creator of the C-type hybrids.

Jackal - Codename: ??? - Role in C. A. A. unknown, only mentioned by name.

Arielle Spektor – A Russian scientist known for her leads in genetic science, aiding greatly in discovering humane methods for gene-study, founding the Humane Hybridization Theory, and being the first known executor of De-Extinction. She is known to have led a project called "Laramidia" although its significance as of now is unknown. The Yangtze River Dolphin was the first species brought back from Extinction, followed by the Mammoth and Thylacine in that order. Midori and Antony were students of hers, with Antony in particular being her apprentice. The two were very close. She brought back the Yangtze River Dolphin first because it was his favorite animal. Pressured by her sponsors, she was coerced into cloning a human, which she named Eve. Eve would eventually lead to her downfall, as she was supposedly murdered by S. P. E. K. T. O. R. and have her research stolen by them, with her death sparring the new founders to fight back against S. P. E. K. T. O. R. with hybrid bioweapons following The Humane Hybridization Theory, ensuring her work is not in vain. While the founder of the C. A. A. is currently unknown, this individual is a prime candidate. However, upon humanity's arrival upon the ARKs, Arielle Walker suddenly reappeared, seemingly still alive. She managed to hide herself for up to a year before being found and captured by S. P. E. K. T. O. R. Her current status is unknown, although she has gone through many attempts to escape S. P. E. K. T. O. R.

Lord Ensidion's Human Form

Lord Ensidion - Lord Ensidion is not a human, but a male Escadora who is known to cooperate with the C. A. A. He keeps to himself most of the time, perched high above where the C. A. A. is based, keeping watch and sleeping. He is potentially the oldest character known, as he is confirmed to be older than Ertossi. Lord Ensidion is mostly quiet and hard to talk to, but he is known to be very smart, and appreciates smart discourse. Rei and Ertossi are the main individuals who he is known to be on good terms with. Lord Ensidion is also known to be able to turn into a human form, although it is extremely rare for him to do so, as his kind tend to see it as a taboo.


Aiming to counter S. P. E. K. T. O. R. with hybrid species of their own, the C. A. A. created a few hybrid species through the Humane Hybridization Theory, which is a concept formed by the mentor of Antony that, in order to create successfully viable hybrid species, they should be created by genetically modifying an existing genome with the DNA of other species, rather than building a genome from the ground up with the DNA of different species. It is argued that the modification method is relatively humane compared to building a genome from the ground-up, with it being compared to an "artificial evolution" of sorts. While intended to be a more humane combatant to the S. P. E. K. T. O. R. threat, Ertossi in particular has threatened the similarities between the two factions' creations, much to the disagreement of others like Rei.


Prototype-1 (UberSpinosaurus)

Prototype-1 (called UberSpinosaurus ingame) was the very first hybrid creation by the C. A. A.. The species was formed as the first test to the validity of the Humane Hybridization Theory, with remarkable success. Three individuals are known to exist within lore, being mounts for Antony, Ertossi, and Rei respectively.

Domination Rex



The Domination Rex is a hybrid species only mentioned by name, but sharing the name from the hybrid in the ARK: Additions series cements its identity. Outside of this, it is largely unknown, although it is likely another prototype species created by the C. A. A., considering its alienation from the main hybrid series.


Project Phalanx has seen the production of Hybrid-C-01, which is the codename for the Chunkyceratops, the first hybrid in the C-type hybrid for the C. A. A. It was created as the perfect combination of offensive and defense.



Project Titan has seen the creation of Hybrid-C-02, which is the codename for the Shunocephalus, and further amplifies what was in place with the Chunkyceratops. Powerful in its own right, it has the power to become either more offensive or defensive depending on the situation.


There are many hints within logs that not all of the C. A. A.'s hybrids are currently known, with their being other potential hybrids hinted, but not confirmed. Domination Raptor was only a name mentioned alongside the Domination Rex, and there is also discussion of creating a species called Prototype-2, which would consist of the DNA of Smok saurovindico, Ceratosaurus, Yangchuanosaurus, Dracorex, and a currently unknown dragonic species. Their significance is currently unknown at this time.

S. P. E. K. T. O. R.

S. P. E. K. T. O. R. is shady organization known for stealing Arielle Spektor's research into The Humane Hybridization Theory. Using this genetic research, they aimed to create the ultimate bioweapon: Carnaphobia magniprima, forming the species from the ground up using the DNA of the original Carnaphobia species, discovered by Jason Antony, as well as many other species. This form of hybrid creation is noted to be cruel and inhumane by the C. A. A., although it's unclear why. Christine herself claims to be respecting Arielle's research all the same regardless. S. P. E. K. T. O. R. aims to better themselves as the ultimate examples of evolution, with Christine aiming to become the new Goddess of the universe, willing to conquer all in her way to do so. S. P. E. K. T. O. R. is known to have a very hostile relationship with The Corruption and New Genesis, known to both fight each other and to try to defeat the C. A. A.

Christine / Eve / Arielle Spektor – Born as Eve, later naming herself Christine, she is the Dea High Commander of S. P. E. K. T. O. R. Christine was born as the clone of Arielle Spektor, although genetically modified to be different in race and appearance. While she loved Arielle and her friends dearly, she was devastated at the various plights and atrocities humanity as a whole has committed. Initially believing God was dead, later saying he left, she decided that, given her knowledge and resources, she has the power to turn into the Goddess that the world needs to control humanity, as well as the universe. Founding S. P. E. K. T. O. R., she stole the research on the Humane Hybridization Theory for her own purpose of creating the ultimate bioweapons. She also captured Arielle and gave herself surgery to look and sound identical to her, leading the C. A. A. to believe that she betrayed them. It is known that she has an unhealthy fixation with Jason Antony, and that Carnaphobia is quite literally her daughter, as she impregnated herself with the hybrid's embryo, and birthed and raised him as her child, to completely ensure control. She considers Pyria and all of its creatures a major threat, especially Ertossi, who she believes it is her destiny to kill and claim the ARKs, with her becoming the new Goddess of this world.

Aimed to create the ultimate bioweapon, The Hybrid Projects were established in order to create this Carnaphobia weapon as safely and effectively as possible. Multiple new hybrid species were created to test out various aspects of the hybridization process, as well as traits that could be used for the Carnaphobia's creation.

Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus Concept Art

Project Alpha: Shadowlord saw the creation of the Shadowlord Dromaeosaurus. This species was used to test for intelligence and growth rate.


Marauder Concept Art

Project Beta: Marauder was an originally unauthorized project that saw the creation of the Marauder. While not authorized, it became a part of the official genetic projects when the hybrid proved valuable in their studies due to its anatomy and body armor, dubbed to test for defense and aggression.


Typhon Concept Art

Project Gamma: Typhon is the third and least known of the genetic projects. It is known that this project saw the creation of the hybrid known as Typhon, who definitely is the most outlandish of S. P. E. K. T. O. R.'s creations. This hybrid was created to test for size and "biological extremes".


Carnaphobia Concept Art

Project Epsilon: Neo-Genesis is the final of the genetic projects, and consisted of the creation of the ultimate biological weapon: Carnaphobia magnaprima. It is intended to be the strongest organism to exist outside of man. Management of this status is taken very seriously, as it was immediately improved to be able to defeat Keter, who managed to injure it in their first battle.

New Genesis

New Genesis is a band of survivors on the ARK that are most comparable to a terrorist organization. Not much is known about them compared to other factions, but they are known to be more violent and less scientific compared to S. P. E. K. T. O. R., focusing much more on physical weaponry, lacking any biotic or genetic division. New Genesis is known to have a shaky relationship with The Corruption and S. P. E. K. T. O. R., known to both fight each other and try to defeat the C. A. A.

It is known that one particular S. P. E. K. T. O. R. scientist, Renae Tice, betrayed S. P. E. K. T. O. R. and joined New Genesis, seeing the chance to create a hybrid of her own creation using cryptid species. She created her own hybrid dubbed "Subject Keter", or simply Keter. While completely convinced she created an ultimate, albeit flawed, organism, Keter proved to be extremely aggressive and hard to direct, with Tice being the only person it would listen to. It was primarily used as a combatant to Carnaphobia, which received mixed results. In its first battle, it managed to injure the Carnaphobia and force S. P. E. K. T. O. R. to retreat, but friendly fire on the creature meant that Keter quickly turned on New Genesis before being calmed down. Sometime after this incident, Renae Tice died by unknown means, which left Keter mostly uncontrolled. As a result, in its second battle with S. P. E. K. T. O. R. it was easily lured into a kill-zone, and promptly obliterated by Carnaphobia's genetically improved elemental fire breath.



Canon Creatures Not Ingame

While never appearing ingame, there are certain species that have appeared in various ARK-related stories by the mod developer that are apparently canon to the Additional Creatures series.

RWBY's ARK: a written fan-fiction crossover series between RWBY and ARK: Survival Evolved, is likely canon to some degree to the Additional Creatures series, given that the story contains and mentions wildlife in Additional Creatures. The story mentions creatures that the mod developer has claimed are canon to the series.

Yi Reconstruction

Yi is a scansioriopterygid dinosaur known from the Late Jurassic of China, distinct for using its long fingers typical in its family for gliding. The species bares wing membranes for wings rather than feathers as typical with gliding dinosaurs, making it one of a kind. Yi wyvernis first appears in Chapter 4 of RWBY's ARK, where it is shown to be very distinct from its extinct counterpart. The animal is massive, being slightly larger than a utahraptor. The animal is omnivorous, first being sighted eating Titanomyrma and accepting berries from Ruby. The animal supposedly evolved its larger size to hunt the island's larger arthropods. It also has an acid breath it uses in defense, apparently possible by them containing the acid blood from Arthropleura they feed on. The creature is heavily compared to the wyverns of old, being primarily scaly with the feathers reserved mostly for the torso and tail, along with being capable of true flight rather than gliding. It is also capable of mimicry, as later on in the story it was shown mimicking the call of a Giganotosaurus. The dynamic of Yi was inspired by various bird wyverns from Monster Hunter, primarily Qurupeco and Gypceros. This is referenced later on RWBY's ARK, as they manage to tame the Yi Ruby originally encountered, and gave it the name "Quru". The creature never made it ingame due to the difficulty in making a model for it, albeit its characteristics apparently inspired various aspects of the Snallygaster.

Scrapped Tanystropheus Concept Art

Tanystropheus is a bizarre long-necked reptile that lived across the coastlines of Europe and Asia during the Early Triassic Period. Tanystropheus's main distinguishing feature is its massively long neck, which it uses to catch fish. The ARK version of the animal is largely identical to the real-world counterpart, if a bit large. In chapter 5 of RWBY's ARK, it is first encountered in a rather comical way when it tries to take a fish from Blake, and licks her face after she refuses to give it up. Tanystropheus wasn't considered for addition for two reasons. First, modeling the animal would be difficult given its weird proportions. Second, it does not really offer anything new, since ARK is no stranger to fishing creatures. Despite these setbacks, Tanystropheus was planned for addition for a time as more of an ambient creature, although this was eventually scrapped.

Scrapped Permithone Concept Art

Permithone is a small lace-wing like insect known from the Permian period. Permithones in the Additional Creatures world are similar in size to glowbugs, and are herbivorous. Despite being small and seemingly defenseless, they do have one way to defend themselves. When threatened they can create a spark, followed by an explosion, from their rear ends, reminiscent of bombardier beetles if slightly more extreme. This behavior was first shown off in Chapter 5 of RWBY's ARK, when Weiss tried to kill it for easy chitin, only to get an explosion in her face. Permithone initially wasn't considered for addition due to the lack of the team's ability to create good insects. Eventually, Permithone was confirmed to be added as an ambient creature, but this was also eventually scrapped, due to the mod series shrinking the scope of its future additions.


The Dark Megaraptor, or Megaraptor praetumidusimitor, is a variant of Megaraptor that was first encountered in Chapter 8 of RWBY's ARK. This type of Megaraptor seems inherently similar to standard Megaraptors, but they are larger, pure black in coloration, have a distinct large thumb claw on each hand, as well as quills on its arms and head. They are also distinct for their incredibly unpredictable behavior, fleeing from threats one minute but then getting into fits of rage akin to Giganotosaurus the next. There is only one known Dark Megaraptor described, whose first encounter with the RWBY team left it with a large scar across its face from the team's tamed Stegosaurus. Dubbed "Scar", this particular dinosaur ended up being one of RWBY's ARK's main antagonists: getting into fights with the RWBY team time and time again throughout the story. Scar ended up meeting his end when, during a battle with the RWBY team, all of them ended up getting ambushed by a Smok saurovindico, who killed him and forced the RWBY team to flee. The Dark Megaraptor was not considered for addition largely due to the community's stance on variants of creatures in general, as well as its behavior probably being too complicated to implement.

Squalicorax Reconstruction

Squalicorax is a species of shark that lived in the oceans of North America, Europe, and Africa during the Late Cretaceous. They first appeared in Chapter 8 of RWBY's ARK, where they were depicted as pack hunters that live in the island's rivers. Their method of attack is regarded as different from other predatory species, targetting the muscles to weaken the movement of their prey rather than going for raw damage or bleeding out the victim. As a result, those who survive such attacks are often crippled long after. In RWBY's ARK, a pack of Squalicorax attacked the team as they were recovering from a Dark Megaraptor attack. While the tamed Baryonyx fended off the majority of the Squalicorex, the alpha of the pack was extremely voracious, and ended up badly wounding Blake despite the team, their tamed Baronyx, and their tamed Kaprosuchus trying to fend it off. It was only brought down once the team's Stegosaurus arrived and brought its thagomizers down on it: killing it instantly. Blake survived the attack, but was crippled for a portion of the story afterwords. Squalicorex never made it ingame for a variety of factors. It being a freshwater species provides complications for a shark in particular, given large completely aquatic species suffer in the river's confined spaces. There is also the concern that its crippling mechanics would be too unfriendly to players.

Scrapped Onchopristis Concept Art

Rugops Reconstruction

Onchopristis is a giant, sawfish-like animal that lived in the river systems around Late Cretaceous North Africa. Onchopristis was first introduced in Chapter 10 of RWBY's ARK, where it unknowingly saved the RWBY team from a horde of megapiranha. The Onchopristis defined itself by its massive saw, which is what is used to tear small fish apart with complete ease, while being placid towards other animals. Onchopristis initially did not make it into Additional Creatures due to the desired core mechanic, resting on the ocean floor, being difficult to implement. However, later on in Additional Creatures's development, there was a way found to introduce this mechanic, and Onchopristis was considered for addition. However, while the mechanic was able to be put to use with other creatures like Tylosaurus, Onchopristis itself has soon been scrapped, due to the mod series shrinking the scope of its future additions.

Rugops is a 5m long abelisaur from Late Cretaceous North Africa. Rugops carnufex is first mentioned in Chapter 11 of RWBY's ARK. It is described as a smaller predator, being slightly shorter in stature than Baryonyx, and possessing a bright red face. This bright red face is apparently a result of its head being highly concentrated with blood, producing high amounts of temperature that allows it to tenderize flesh. Despite the vicious appearance, though, they are primarily scavengers. First encountered when it tried to steal food from them, the RWBY team soon formed an unofficial bond with this animal, dubbing it "Carrion", who would follow them around picking up after their scraps. Rugops was never added ingame due to it already being affiliated with the Jurassic Park Mod for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Connection to Pyria: Mythos Evolved

Pyria: Mythos Evolved Mod Pic

Origin Manticore

It has been confirmed that, in lore at least, there is a certain region in overlap between the mods Additional Creatures and Pyria.. Many of the most prominant characters within the C. A. A. are from Pyria, and Ash Plume Rock Drakes and Xolotls are also noted to exist.

Origin Manticore

The Origin Manticore, an unrelated creature created by the same mod author as Additional Creatures, is confirmed to be canon, since the Origin Manticore is confirmed to be tamed by at least one member of the C. A. A. It's unknown if any other creatures from Shadlos's Tamable Bosses mod are canon to Additional Creatures.

ARK: Additions

While not a part of the Additional Creatures series, it is confirmed that ARK:

ARK: Additions Mod Pic

Additions, and the creatures that come with it, exist in the same universe as Additional Creatures. This is also supported by the fact that Deinosuchus appeared in RWBY's ARK, with Archelon and Brachiosaurus confirmed to also appear in the future. Domination Rex, although part of the main series of ARK: Additions, cements its place in Additional Creatures lore as a C. A. A. hybrid species.

The ARK: Additions series also supports the mechanics of the Additional Creatures series, given the following:

  • Smok saurovindico deals increased damage to its dinosaurs.
  • Acrocanthosaurus is supported by Smok saurovindico's "Usurper's Threat" buff.
  • Acrocanthosaurus and Brachiosaurus are both supported by Shantungosaurus's "Shantung Encouragement" buff.
  • The insulation buff of Anteosaurus prevent the freezing of Cryolophosaurus.

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