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Lucanidae in the Original Additional Creatures mod prior to its TLC.

Lucanidae, also known as the Giant Stag Beetle, is a fictional species of invertebrate in Additional Creatures.


To any insectiphobe out there, Lucanidae is probably nightmare fuel incarnate. It's a massive stag beetle larger than a rex! However, Lucanidae is actually a gentle giant. It prefers using its powerful jaws to crush trees to bits, eating the wood and bark for nutrients with the help of powerful bacteria in its stomach. On top of its sheer size and appearance being intimidating, Lucanidae also has one of the toughest carapaces in the ark network. Very few creatures can penetrate this armor, making it a creature best left avoided. If a creature does try to pick a fight with Lucanidae however, the beast is far from defenseless. Its jaws are incredibly powerful, crushing through armor and bone alike. Furthermore, if Lucanidae gets a good hold of it's lives up to the reputation of its smaller brethren. With a shift of its weight, it suplexes the target over itself using its own strength and gravity, slamming the target head-first into the ground. This attack is atrociously devastating. While the attack may damage nearby creatures caught in the crossfire, the victim takes intense trauma from the impact, becoming stunned if they somehow survive. However, Lucanidae opens up itself to attack during this opportunity as well. Having flipped itself over, the beast's soft underbelly becomes vulnerable, making it take increased damage so long as it hasn't righted itself. As a powerful tank buster and wood harvester, Lucanidae, as rare as it is, is highly sought after. The problem is under most methods, Lucanidae is immune to torpidity. A clever survivor however discovered that this is not the case with lucanidae when it's flailing in recoil from a recent suplex. While extremely dangerous to whatever unfortunate soul is used to bait the lucanidae into a suplex, it does allow this massive beetle to be tamed. With patience and trial, one can tame this powerful insect and gain a massive advantage in combat, harvesting, and siege warfare.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Main Body


Color Region 2- Eyes


Color Region 5 - Extremities


Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 1500
Stamina 230
Oxygen 150
Food 3000
Weight 1500
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 3200

Left Click - Pinch

100 Base Damage - Gathers Wood, Meat, and Hide - Pierces Armor - Deals Increased Damage to Structures

Right Click - Supplex

180 Base Damage - Smaller Creatures are gripped and dealt 730 base damage by the supplex - Pierces and Ignores Armor - Using this abilities flips the lucanidae onto its back, where it rapidly loses stamina and takes 3.5x damage - Long Cooldown

Lucanidae are armored, taking only 30% damage.

Lucanidae takes increased damage from fire, explosions, and armored-crushing creatures (such as Giganotosaurus, Dunkleosteus, Rock Elemental, and Magmasaur).

Lucanidae is immune to bleed and sandstorms.

Lucanidae only eats wood, mushrooms, and honey.

Lucanidae tame on the following foods, from most to least effective.

Lucanidae automatically turns wood in its inventory into microbrial wood, and the spoil time of microbial wood is drastically multiplied in a lucanidae's inventory.

Lucanidae is only susceptible to being tranquilized when on its back. It's recommended to use a tank tame set on passive to take the suplexes.


  • "Lucanidae" is the family name for stag beetles, which themselves are a clade of scarab beetles.
  • Lucanidae in Additional Creatures was original part of the original mod, where it was more compact in appearance with horns, resembling a rhinoceros beetle. It functioned largely as a tank and wasn't too powerful offensively, although it still had a piercing horn attack. The original lucanidae was also able to fly, which did not function really like flight and more like a slight hovered sprint above the ground, along with having a really high vertical jump and drained a lot of stamina. The suplex ability and more specialized diet is new to its TLC.