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Lukastiblos Concept Art

Lukastiblos are fantasy creatures confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Grand Hunt.

Lukastiblos is a large flying wyvern that will live in ARK's snowy regions. As the name implies, it is a member of the "blos" complex of flying wyverns, akin to Diablos and Monoblos, hence the similar appearance. However, unlike them, it had several bosses and rock-like horns on its head, akin to a pachyrhinosaurus, which is referenced in the other part of its name (Pachyrhinosaurus lakusti). Also, unlike them, Lukastiblos is quadropedal and covered in fur.

Lukastiblos in Additional Creatures will have in the ARK's snowy regions, and will be a formidable charger. It will have a unique form of knockout taming, where it needs to be baited into charging and, while its charging at the player, hit a particular part of the body with an explosive, causing it to trip and fall, where it will be susceptible to torpor. While the design is still a work in progress, it's shown to be very ceratopsid-like, having a similar skull and body posture.