Mahajangasuchus BW.jpg
Mahajangasuchus Reconstruction
Mahajangasuchus Model

Mahajangasuchus is a reptile confirmed to appear in the Bonus Content expansion.

Mahajangasuchus, meaning "Mahajanga Crocodile" after the city it was found near, is a crocodylmorph that lived on Madagascar during the Late Cretaceous, 66 million years ago. Mahajangasuchus, although not a crocodile itself, filled a similar role in its ecosystem, which also consisted of other notable species like Majungasaurus and Beelzebufo. It's closest relative is Kaprosuchus.

It is unknown what role Mahajangasuchus will have in Additional Creatures. While its model has been revealed, this is all that is known about the creature.

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