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Mekong Giant Stingray

Mekong Giant Stingray Render

The Mekong Giant Stingray is a species of fish confirmed to appear in Additional Creatures: Aquaria.

The Mekong Giant Stingray, as the name implies, is a massive species of freshwater stingray that is found in various rivers in Southeast Asia, including the Mekong. The species is most known for its massive size, being 2 meters wide and weighing up to 200 kilograms, it is one of the world's largest freshwater fish. Like most stingrays, it also has a large stinger at the end of its tail, which it uses to defend itself from attack. While the stinger is not that different from other stingrays, its larger size means that its extremely powerful, capable of piercing bone. The species is currently endangered due to overfishing and habitat destruction.

The Giant Mekong Stingray in Additional Creatures, Urogymnus flagellregem, is a giant stingray that will be found within the island's river systems, being similar in size to the Goonch Catfish and Rhizodus. The ray's main weapon is its tail, which it uses to grab and envenomate victims. Its main role is intended to be an anti open water critter, since it can use its grab attack to counter the maneuverability of most agile open-water creatures.