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Metriacanthosaurus is a species of dinosaur in Additional Creatures.


Metriacanthosaurus is a species of medium-sized theropod dinosaur often found on the beaches of island arks. Arguably the beach’s top predator, one would expect Metriacanthosaurus to be a danger to new survivors. Well…it isn’t in reality. Metriacanthosaurus seems to lack the ferocious behavior and bloodlust of other ark predators, becoming docile for a time after consuming a meal. As such, while Metriacanthosaurus is indeed a threat, it is less of one than a survivor may think, as a sated Metriacanthosaurus is completely fine with being approached- so long as it is not hungry! Smart survivors will take the opportunity to try and befriend a powerful partner and ally for their beginning and middle of their adventure.

Color Regions

Color Region 0 - Upper Body

346110 screenshots 20190126091057 1.jpg

Color Region 5 - Underside and Various Markings

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Base Stats, Controls, and Abilities

Attribute Base Stat
Health 350
Stamina 300
Oxygen 150
Food 3450
Weight 400
Melee Damage 175%
Movement Speed 100%
Torpidity 2500

Left Click - Bite

30 Base Damage

Right Click - Frightening Roar

1 Base Damage - Drains 50 Torpor (w/ 1 Minute Cooldown) - Inflicts "Frightened" Status

The Metriacanthosaurus has a "hunger" mechanic, where once it has feasted on a corpse it will become neutral towards players and creatures. This pacified state is indicated by a green aura around its head, which is when it is susceptible to passive taming.


  • Metriacanthosaurus means "Moderately Spined Lizard".
  • Metriacanthosaurus is a metriacanthosaur: a group of allosauroid theropods that're known for their relatively tall vertebra. Other metriacanthosaurs include Sinraptor and Yangchuanosaurus.
  • Metriacanthosaurus is one of three bearers of the hunger mechanic, along with Brachauchenius and the Tiger Shark.
  • The design of the Metriacanthosaurus is inspired by the Metriacanthosaurus in Jurassic World Evolution.